Create first android app using Android studio


In this post, we are going to create first android app which will show result of multiplication of two user input numbers. We have already created Android hello world example before but it was too basic.
We are going to design our screen as below:

Android First App

We are not going to put much validations here. We will just create above screen which will show multiplication of two numbers in Result textview.

Steps for creating first android app using Android studio:

Step 1:

Create a new android project named “MultiplicationApp”. Provide Activity name as “MultiplicationActivity” instead of “HelloWorldActivity”.

Step 2:

Go to res -> layout -> activity_multiplication.xml. Paste following code in xml file to create multiplication screen.

Step 3:

Go to app -> java -> package ->
Change as below:

To get any widget reference in activity class, you can use id which you have defined in layout xml file. So to get reference for editText corresponds to “Number 1” in the screen, we have used below code:

You can get text entered by user in that edit text by using below code:

We have also put click listener on button named “Multiply”.

Step 4 :

Run the app. When you run above app on emulator, you will get below screen:

Android first app preparation

Provide user input numbers and click on multiply, you will get the result.

Android first app development

We are done with first  android app using android studio.
Happy Android Learning!!


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