Spring MVC tutorial


In this post, we will learn about Spring MVC tutorial.

Spring MVC framework is a robust Model view controller framework which helps us to develop a loosely coupled web application. It separates different aspects of web applications with the help of MVC architecture.

Model: Model carries application data. It generally includes POJO in the form of business objects

View: View is used to render User interface (UI). It will render application data on UI. For example JSP

Controller: Controller takes care of processing user request and calling back end services.

This Spring MVC tutorial is made for beginners as well as for experienced programmer.

Spring MVC workflow

Following steps are involved in Spring MVC workflow.

  1. The request will be received by Front Controller i.e. DispatcherServlet.
  2. DispatcherServlet will pass this request to HandlerMapping. HandlerMapping will find suitable Controller for the request
  3. HandlerMapping will send the details of the controller to DispatcherServlet.
  4. DispatcherServlet will call the Controller identified by HandlerMapping. The Controller will process the request by calling appropriate method and prepare the data. It may call some business logic or directly retrieve data from the database.
  5. The Controller will send ModelAndView(Model data and view name) to DispatcherServlet.
  6. Once DispatcherServlet receives ModelAndView object, it will pass it to ViewResolver to find appropriate View.
  7. ViewResolver will identify the view and send it back to DispatcherServlet.
  8. DispatcherServlet will call appropriate View identified by ViewResolver.
  9. The View will create Response in form of HTML and send it to DispatcherServlet.
  10. DispatcherServlet will send the response to the browser. The browser will render the html code and display it to end user.

Below diagram will make it clearer.

Spring MVC tutorial

I hope you will have a good understanding of How Spring MVC handles the request and send the response back.

I have written some good examples for Spring MVC tutorial. Let me list them down here.

Spring MVC basics

Spring MVC hello world example

Spring MVC hello world example will help you create your first Spring MVC application. It also covers some basic annotations such as @RequestMapping and @Controller.

Spring Component,Service, Repository and Controller example

There is three most important annotation in Spring  i.e. @Component, @Service and @Repository. These annotations are used declare appropriate bean based on its nature.

Spring MVC @RequestMapping example

Spring MVC @RequestMapping provides details about an important Spring MVC annotation called @RequestMapping.@RequestMapping annotation is used to map incoming request to appropriate method of controller class.

Spring MVC @RestController annotation example

Spring MVC @RestController annotation is used declare Controller in Spring MVC. It was introduced in Spring 4. When you use @RestController, you don’t need to define @ResponseBody.

Spring MVC @ModelAttribute annotation example

Spring MVC @ModelAttribute is used to bind request parameters to model objects.

Spring MVC ModelMap

Spring MVC ModelMap is used to pass multiple values from controller to the view such as JSP.

Spring MVC file upload example

Spring MVC supports multipart file upload. This example will help you to create simple file upload functionality.

Spring MVC interceptor example

If you want to preprocess or postprocess on incoming request, then you can use Spring MVC interceptor to do it.

Spring MVC Integration

Spring MVC Hibernate MySQL example

This example will help you to integrate Hibernate with Spring MVC. It shows complete example with the help of CRUD operation.

Spring MVC angularjs example

This example will help you to intergrate angularJS with Spring MVC.

Spring MVC Web services

Spring restful web service example

This example will help you to create a very simple Spring Restful web service.

Spring restful web service json example

This example will help you to create Spring Rest web service which produces JSON response.

Spring Restful web services CRUD example

This example will explain to you how to create Spring rest web services which support CRUD operations.

Spring MVC Exception Handling

There are multiple ways to handle the exception in Spring MVC.

Handling using @ExceptionHandler

@ExceptionHandler can be used to handle exception which occurs in that controller.

Handling using @ControllerAdvice

If you want to handle exception globally, then you can use @ControllerAdvice.

That’s all about Spring MVC tutorial.


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