Java interview questions

Java Interview questions

I have written a lot of java interview questions and this is index posts for all java interview questions. I will keep adding more interview questions to this post.

Core Java

Core java interview questions

This list includes top 50 core java interview questions. Whether you are fresher or experienced programmer, this interview questions will definitely help you to crack core java interview.

Collections interview questions

Collection is one of the major important parts of core java. These interview questions include questions on HashMap, Hashet, Arraylist etc. These are logical interview questions which will help you built reasoning for these questions.

Multithreading interview questions

Multithreading concepts are the tricky one. This java interview questions list covers threads, synchronization, inter thread communication and executor frameworks.

Java 8 interview questions

Java 8 has a lot of new features. If you are going to core java interview, you might be asked about lambda expressions, function interface, streams, new Date and time APIs etc.

OOPs interview questions

Object-oriented principles are build blocks of java. This list includes questions on Abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Exception Handling interview questions

This java interview questions list covers questions on Exception hierarchy, check, unchecked exceptions, try catch block etc.

String interview questions

String is one of the most used datatype in Java. These interview questions will check your knowledge on String concepts.

Serialization interview questions

Serialization is one of the most important topic in core java. These interview question covers some of the tricky questions on Serialization.

method overloading and method overriding interview questions

This java interview question list includes tricky method overloading and overriding interview questions. It will help you to understand method overloading and overriding in the better way.

Immutable class interview questions

Immutable class is one of the most important concepts as immutable classes are by default thread safe. This interview question list will check your knowledge on immutable classes.

Java tricky interview questions

This interview question list includes some tricky interview questions. These java interview questions will help you to build logic.

Basic interview questions for fresher

This java interview questions list includes basic interview questions on beginner java programmers.

Interview questions for 5 to 7 years experienced

This java interview questions list includes some good questions for an experienced programmer. It includes concepts from multithreading and collections .

How HashMap works in java?

This is most asked java interview question and it is favorite interview questions for most of the interviewer. This interview question checks your knowledge on HashMap, hashcode and equals method.

Difference between Interface and abstract class? What are changes made to interface in Java 8?

You can have default and static method in java from Java 8 onwards.


Spring interview questions

Spring framework is most widely used Java EE framework. Spring interview questions check your knowledge on spring framework. It covers topics like dependency injection, scopes, Spring AOP concepts and some important Spring annotations.

Spring boot interview questions

Spring boot is getting popular day by day because it helps you to bootstrap spring application faster. These spring boot interview questions check your knowledge on Spring boot.

Web services

Web services interview questions

Web services interview questions check your knowledge on soap and restful web services.

Rest web services interview questions

These interview questions include restful web services,HTTP methods, and various web service annotations.

Data structure and algorithms


This post provides an introduction to important data structures in java. It will help you to understand basic data structures such as queue, stack and linked list.

Data structures and algorithms interview questions

These 40+ interview questions check your knowledge on Stack, queue, linked list, binary tree, binary search tree etc.

Java interview programs

For beginners

If you are freshers or novice programmer, here is the list of interview programs which you can practice.

For experienced programmer

If you are experienced programmer and looking for the list of some good java interview programs, here is the list of java interview programs which you can practice.

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I hope this Java interview questions list will help you to crack java interview. If you want to add more interview questions, please do comment.

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