Method overloading in java


If two or more methods have same name , but different argument then it is called method overloading.

Why you would do that (same name but different argument)?

Lets take an example. You want to print salary of employee and sometimes company gives bonus to their employee and sometimes it don’t.So If company don’t give bonus then we can use printSalary(int salary) method and if it provides bonus then we can use printSalary(int salary,int bonus) so both methods are doing same work but their inputs are different so it will increase readability of programs.Otherwise if you give different methods name,it will become hard to understand.

When you run above program, you will get following output:

Salary without bonus : 20000
Salary with bonus : 30000

Rules of Method overloading :

Number of Arguments Overloaded method can have different number of arguments
Date type Overload method can have different data type for argument
Return type Return type can be changed but either number of argument or data type of argument should also be changed..
Order of arguments If you change sequence of arguments then it is also valid method overloading provided you have different data types arguments.
Constructor Can be overloaded

So you can overload method using three ways:

  1. By changing number of arguments
  2. By changing data type of arguments
  3. By changing sequence of arguments if they are of different types

By changing number of arguments

Above example which we have taken is of this type.We are overloading printSalary() method with different number of argument.

By changing data type of arguments:

In above example, we will create another method, which will take double data type as input.

 so here we have introduced a new method which takes double datatype as input.This is also valid method overloading.

By changing sequence of argument if they are of different data types

We can introduce a new method printSalary(double bonus,int salary). so by changing order of argument we can overload method.

Why we can’t change only return type?

 If we change only return type, it will become ambiguous for compiler to figure out which method to call.That is why you can not change only return type.

What is static binding?

When you compile Java program. During compilation process, compiler bind method call to actual method. This is called static binding and method overloading binding happens at compile time.

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