Android RatingBar example


In this post, we are going to see about Android Rating Bar.
RatingBar is android widget which is used to provide rating bar with star icons. You might have seen this RatingBar when any application asks for you to rate installed app.

It is very easy to create Rating in Android. Just follow below steps to create Rating Bar.

Source code:

Step 1 :Creating Project

Create an android application project named “RatingBarExampleApp”.

Step 2 : Creating Layout

Change res ->layout -> activity_main.xml as below:

Step 3 : Creating MainActivity

Change src/main/packageName/ as below:

We are getting widget reference from layout file and then using RatingBar setOnRatingBarChangeListener method to set listener for our RatingBar.

Step 4 : Running the app

When you run the app, you will get below screen:

Android RatingBar Example

Click on stars to give appropriate rating

Android RatingBar Example tutorial

When you submit , you will see below screen.

Android RatingBar toast example
We are done with Android Rating example.
Happy Android Learning !!

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