Trie data structure in java

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In this post, we will see about trie data structure in java.

What is Trie :

Trie is data structure which stores data in such a way that it can be retrieved faster and improve the performance.

Some real time examples:

Trie can be used to implement :
Searching contact in mobile phone book. 

Trie data structure:

You can insert words in trie and its children linked list will represent its child nodes and isEnd defines if it is end for the word.
Lets say, you want to insert do, deal , dear , he , hen , heat etc.
Your trie structure will look like as below:

TrieNode will have following variables and method.

Each TrieNode have access to its children if present at all. It contains current data, count , isEnd and childList. isEnd is a boolean variable which represents if current Trie node is end of word or not.childList will have list of children for that TrieNode.

Algorithm for inserting word in Trie structure:

  • If word already exists, return it.
  • Make current node as root trie node
  • Iterate over each character(lets say c) of word.
  • get child trie nodes for current node
    • If child node exists and is equal to character c then make it current node and increment the count.
    • If child node does not exist, then create a new trie node with character c and add it to current node childList and change current node to newly created trie node.
  • When you reach at end of the word, make isEnd = true.
Java Code:

Algorithm for searching a word in Trie data structure:

  • For each character of word , see if child node exists for it.
    • If child node does not exists, return false
  • If character exists, repeat above step
  • When you reach at end of the String and current.isEnd is true then return true else return false.

Java code to implement Trie data structure

When you run above program, you will get below output

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