Top Object-Oriented Programming Languages to Follow in 2021

Wherever you look, you face object-oriented programming languages. Well, many of the popular coding languages are object-oriented. The moment you decide to learn an object-oriented programming language, it might be quite overwhelming to pick the only one from this big pool of options. But don’t worry! Here you will find out which object-oriented programming languages are the most popular in 2021 according to TIOBE and also we will discuss their strengths and weaknesses.


Java, owned by Oracle Corporation, is today’s talk of the town when it comes to computer programming language. It works on the principle of write once and run anywhere, that’s why it has become an essential part of some of the biggest operating systems, such as iOS, Windows, and Android, etc. Moreover, Java is remarkably popular in the web application development world.
Today, there are around 3 billion devices running applications built with java. Besides, Java is also used in the back-end of many famous websites such as Amazon and Google. These days, developers rely on Java more than on any other language and create products that are not only scalable but also portable and distributed. Four OOP principles of Java language are abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.


  1. Java’s syntax is not only understandable but also quite easy to write and learn, unlike C and C++.
  2. It can be run on any computer supporting Java Virtual Machine.
  3. It was the native language of Android at the time of its launch.
  4. It has the concept of no pointers, making it completely safe and reliable.
  5. The automatic garbage collection process of Java removes all the files that are not being used anymore.


  1. Quite memory-consuming and a bit slower than other languages.
  2. Because of high memory requirements, the hardware cost also increases.
  3. Takes a longer time to run compared to C languages.

Where Applicable

Java is widely used in Android development along with web, desktop, and scientific applications. Other areas where it is used are trading applications and software tools.


C is a widely used programming language. Apart from its high-level functionality, it is also quite stable in nature and has a huge set of libraries therefore many programmers use this programming language in various areas such as virtual reality, game development, and computer graphics. Whereas, C++ is an advanced version of C which is used to develop highly-efficient applications, such as Firefox, Adobe and many others.


  1. Provide much more control than any other language.
  2. Exceptionally beneficial when it comes to portability.
  3. Filled with plenty of built-in functions.
  4. C++ is completely compatible with C.


  1. Compared to other languages, coding in C is difficult to grasp, especially for beginners.
  2. C++ is also a bit tricky to work with and only becomes productive when it’s used with C or Java.
  3. Users can also face slight security issues in C/C++.
  4. C/C++ has some issues with proper memory allocation.
  5. The complex syntax is also one of their major drawbacks.

Where Applicable

C language has been a root in the development of multiple systems, such as operating systems, kernel development, etc. Along with this, many other famous programming languages are formed using the properties of C. C++ is found to be useful in making games and other desktop applications.


Python is another emerging trend in programming languages. Its simplicity, versatility, and efficiency is the sole purpose behind its rapid growth. In fact, according to a recent survey on Stackoverflow, this is the language that most developers do not know but eagerly want to learn.


  1. Despite its simplicity, it is remarkably efficient and productive.
  2. It is free to use as well as distribute.
  3. Python has a free in-built library with basic functions that are required for performing tasks.


  1. It’s rarely used for mobile apps or client-side apps.
  2. It isn’t suitable for projects where speed is a key factor.

Where Applicable

You will use Python in web development, Data science, computer science, machine learning, and game development.


Javascript, another known and reputable name, was previously called Mocha. Initially, it was only launched for a popular web browser called Netscape Navigator. But soon, its efficient functionality made it undeniably famous in the world of programming languages.


  1. There is no compilation requirement which allows it to run immediately within the browser.
  2. It’s widely used for web development.
  3. The language has a simple structure and is easy to understand.
  4. It is highly compatible with the other programming languages.


  1. Lack in terms of security.
  2. The debugging is not that easy as for C/C++.
  3. It doesn’t support multiple inheritances which is quite an essential characteristic of an object-oriented language.

Where Applicable

It can be useful in areas like mobile app development, the front-end and back-end of web applications, as well as web games and other desktop applications.

R Language

R is majorly used in the field of data analysis and machine learning. Many of the huge enterprises and reputable technological companies like Facebook and Google, etc. are operating their businesses by utilising it.
It also has a powerful built-in library that enables the programmers in making successful machine learning algorithms. And as the trend of these machine learning is on the rise, therefore R languages is definitely a great investment of your time.


  1. It smoothly runs on all operating systems.
  2. The language is open source as well as free which allows you to make as many tweaks as you want.
  3. It is ideal for comprehensive statistical analysis.


  1. Poor security.
  2. Projects are stored in physical memory.

Where Applicable

R Language is famous in data analysis and also in building strong machine learning algorithms.


If you have the desire to learn the programming languages that will benefit you in the future then find the ones that are gaining popularity. This is a giant market, so picking up the right programming language will guarantee you ensure better career growth. Hopefully, this article will help you in making a well-informed decision.

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