BlockingQueue in java


BlockingQueue is introduced in java with concurrent package with ConcurrentHashMap. It is thread safe queue to put and take elements from it.
BlockingQueue is special type of queue which is used when one thread produces object and another thread consumes it.
Producer thread will keep inserting objects to queue until it reaches upper limit. Once this queue size has reached that limit then producer thread will get blocked and won’t able to put objects into queue until consumer thread starts consuming it.
Similarly consumer thread keep taking objects from queue until queue becomes empty. Once queue becomes empty, consumer thread get blocked and waits for producer threads for inserting objects into the queue.
If you put null to BlockingQueue, it will NullPointerException at run time.
It has two important methods
put : producer thread put objects into the queue until it reaches to the limit and waits for consumer thread to take out object after that.
take : consumer thread take out object from the queue until queue becomes empty. Once queue is empty, it waits for producer thread to put object into the queue.


In this example, we will see how to use BlockingQueue.
Create Producer thread which will create objects which will be consumed by Consumer thread.

Create Consumer thread which will consume objects.

Create main class which will start above two threads.

When you run above program , you will get following output:

Source code:

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