Java 9 – Javadoc Improvement


Java has upgraded its Javadoc for better user interaction and user-experience. It includes a simplified search, HTML generator, Doclet API, etc.

What is Javadoc

The Javadoc is a tool like javac and a part of JDK. It is used to generate HTML documentation of Java source code. If you ever visit to oracle site you will see the Java documentation which is generated by Javadoc. The upgraded Javadoc has the following features.

Simplified Doclet API

In Java 9, old Doclet API has been replaced with a new simplified API. Although the existing API is still supported and available but you can use the new Doclet API.

Support for HTML5

It supports the HTML5 for better user interface and tools. So the new Javadoc is based on HTML5 version.

Improved Search

Javadoc provides a new search box to find class, packages, methods. It provides better suggestion and accurate search in a moment.

Support for Module System

It helps to generate documentation based on new Java platform module system.
Let’s take an example.

How to create HTML Javadoc from Java source file.

Let’s create an example to generate new HTML5 documentation from a Java source file. Here, we created a Calculate class that contains some methods.

Run Javadoc Command

To create Javadoc, use the following command. execute it using cmd or terminal after reaching to Java file location.

It will generate populate some messages to the console which are processing instructions.

Now open the directory in which file is stored. You will find several html files there, open index.html file into the browser and the page would be like this.

Click on the Calculate class and you will see the class structure.

Scroll down the page and you will see the list of method belongs to Calculate class.

And you can see a new search box, search here with any text and you will get the suggestions.

Well, this is all about Javadoc, It is easy and good tool to create a informative HTML doc using Source code.


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