Find maximum element in binary tree in java

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This is 11th part of java binary tree tutorial.

In this post, we will see about program to find maximum element  in a binary tree in java.
There can be two solutions for it.

  • Recursive
  • Iterative

Recursive solution:

Algorithm :

Steps for getting maximum element in binary tree:
  • Find maximum element in left subtree
  • Find maximum element in right subtree
  • Compare maximum of above subtrees to current node
  • We will find maximum element with above steps

Code for recursion will be:

Iterative solution:

Iterative solution will be similar to level order traversal. When we are popping element from queue, we will check max.

Code for iteration will be :

Lets create java program to get maximum element in binary tree:

Lets say, your binary tree is this:

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Run above program and you will get following output:

Java Binary tree tutorial:

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