Spring MVC ModelMap


In this post , we will see how to use ModelMap in Spring MVC.

Spring MVC tutorial:

ModelMap object is used to pass multiple values from Spring MVC controller to JSP .

Some basics about Spring MVC ModelMap class:

  • ModelMap class subclasses LinkedHashMap. It add some methods for convenience.
  • It provides addAttribute method to put key value pair. This method return ModelMap objects that can be used for chaining.
  • ModelMap uses as generics.
  • ModelMap checks for null values.



You need to create spring mvc hello world example first.

Once you are done with spring mvc sample project. We need to add or modify following files.

  • Make changes to HelloWorldController.java
  • Modify index.jsp
  • Modify hello.jsp

Thats all we need to do to demonstrate Spring MultiActionController example.

1) change HelloWorldController.java as below

We have added two attributes to ModelMap and they will be used in jsp with helloMessage and welcomeMessage

2) Modify index.jsp

3)Modify hello.jsp in /WEB_INF folder.

4) It ‘s time to do maven build.

Right click on project -> Run as -> Maven build
5) Provide goals as clean install (given below) and click on run

Run the application

6) Right click on project -> run as -> run on server
Select apache tomcat and click on finish

7) You will see below screen:

When you click on  link, you will get below screen

We are done with Spring MVC ModelMap example. If you are still facing any issue, please comment.

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