AirPod Case not Charging – Common Issues and Fixes

Stuck trying to get the AirPod case not charging issue sorted for your iOS device? Fret not, we’ve compiled a list of solutions for you to work on.

So, you got yourself a new pair of AirPods and were using it to the fullest. You just came back home from work and put your AirPods to charge. However, to your surprise, your AirPod case not charging. You wonder what has happened, and you plug in the charger again, check the switches and do everything you can possibly do, but you don’t find the solution.

Finally, you jump on Google and try searching for your problem and see that many users are complaining about the same thing. Reddit has been filled with cases of people suffering from an issue that should never have happened. Apple’s AirPods has some sort of bug with the case that could cause battery drainage. Well, if your AirPods case is not charging anymore, then don’t worry as we are here with some fixes that can get your AirPods back up and running before you end up taking them back to Apple’s store for a repair.

AirPod case not charging
Image Credit: Apple

Before you Start

Before you get to the solutions to the problem, you should know the problem and the main root of the issue. What I mean by this is that you should be sure that it’s the case of the AirPods that are not charging and not the other way around. Some people have also had problems with their AirPods as they end up breaking them and then get confused that their case isn’t working. So, an easy way to check if your case is charging or not is by:

  • Open your Case lid with the AirPods inside
  • Hold the case nearby to your iPhone
  • Wait a few seconds, and you’ll see the battery status as shown above
  • Now, connect the charger to the case and see if it is charging or not

Note: If your AirPods are charging and your case is not, then you have a faulty case, but if it’s the other way around, you should check to see if your AirPods are working.

Why Is My AirPod Case Not Charging?

There can be many reasons for your AirPod or Airpod Pro case not to be charging, but the primary reason we came across is a simple bug with the case itself. Most users were reporting the same issue, but if that’s not the problem, then you might have the following concerns:

Faulty Charger – This is mostly the case with people who are using third party chargers. As Apple has stopped bundling in a charger with their iPhones, most people are flocking towards buying a cheap third party option. However, if you’re not sure and get yourself a lousy charger, you can end up shorting your devices. So, if your AirPods are not charging, then try looking for a different charger.

Dirt on the connector – The second issue might be that you may have some dirt or dust on the connector, hindering the charging process.

Incompatible cable – As it was the scenario with the chargers and how people buy cheap third-party alternatives, it is the same with cables. Apple isn’t known for providing the most durable of cables, and hence, if you end up breaking one and going for a third-party alternative that is not compatible, you’ll just end up having slow charging rates and other issues.

Case not working – Finally, the last thing that may be the cause for concern is that you might have broken your case and hence, it is not charging. This is the worst-case scenario, and you should be ready to buy a new one if this is the problem you’re dealing with.

Five Easy Solutions for AirPods Case Not Charging

Now that you know that your AirPods Case is at fault and that it is not charging, here are some quick and easy fixes that you can try to solve the charging problem:

1. Reset Your AirPods Case

This is the most successful fix that has solved a lot of issues for people worldwide. It works by resetting your AirPods case to the factory settings and removing all the bugs and errors facing earlier with the charging issues. You can reset your AirPods case by:

  • Press and hold the round button on the back of your case for 15 seconds, as shown in the image above
  • Now, release the button when the status light flashes an orange colour and then flashes white
  • The battery case should now be reset, and it should solve the charging issue

Note: The solution worked for many people, but you should follow the fixes below if this solution to fix AirPod case not charging issue doesn’t work for you.

2. Clean the Charging Port

The following fix that you can use is simple and straightforward. It might be the problem that tiny specks of dust and dirt might have entered the lightning port connector and might be interfering with the charging process. This is relatively easy to fix, but you have to be extra careful so that you don’t end up damaging the connector. Follow the steps below to clean the connector:

  • Get yourself a clean microfibre cloth, a new toothbrush or a cotton swab
  • Now, clean the port with a light hand and be careful not to damage the connector
  • Finally, try charging the case again

 3. Get a new Charger and Cable

AirPod case not charging

If the previous two steps didn’t work for you, you should try using a different charger and a compatible charging cable. Most third-party accessories are not certified to work with Apple devices, and you should be using the regular Apple charger for maximum compatibility. Here is the link to get the charger and the cable from Apple. However, if you can’t find them in stock, we recommend you go with Anker chargers as an alternative to fix the AirPod case not charging problem.

4. Update the AirPods Firmware

The next fix you can use if update the firmware for the AirPods. Apple has constantly been releasing new patches and updates to their AirPods lineup, and hopefully, updating yours might fix the AirPod case not charging bug. Here’s how you can update your AirPods firmware:

  • Insert the ‌AirPods‌ in their case if they aren’t already and connect the case to a power outlet or the wireless charging pad
  • Now, move the iPhone paired with the case near each other, and make sure that your iOS device has an internet connection.
  • Apple will automatically scan for newly available updates and flash the new firmware
  • You can check if your firmware is updated by going into “Settings” and then on the “General” section
  • Now, tap on “About” and then on “AirPods” to check the firmware and model no. of your device.

5. Replace the Case

Finally, if everything else fails, you have no other option than to get it to an Apple Store. This will take a lot more time than the other fixes, and you might even have to pay a fee. However, this guarantees that you will be getting a fixed AirPods case, and you will be able to rest easy knowing that your AirPods will be charged and ready to go for the next day at work.

Tips for Avoid AirPod not Charging Issue

Now that we have discussed all the fixes let us know how you can keep your AirPods and AirPods case charging without any other concerns. We’re sure you love your AirPods, and taking care of them will ensure they deliver the same quality over time and last for the maximum amount of time. Hence, following the tips below will make doing that a lot easier.

  • Firstly, take care of your AirPods and don’t ever keep them near liquids or other food items. It would help if you always kept it somewhere dry and safe.
  • Next, try charging your AirPods and the case till the 90-100% only. Don’t leave it to charge overnight as it is bad for the battery, and you should never overcharge it.
  • Use a recommended lightning cable and charger combo so that you are sure you’re using the best of the best and not sacrificing for something cheap.
  • Finally, keep your AirPods out of dust and give them a clean wipe regularly within a week or so, depending on your use case.

Note: Following the guarantees of the above step that you’re going to be keeping your AirPods and the case clean and in pristine condition. It also means that there are fewer chances for any AirPod case not charging issues might become a thing of the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my AirPod case charging, but my AirPods are?

This is a prevalent concern and doesn’t be worried about as it is primarily a bug incorporated in the firmware. You can fix this by updating the firmware or resetting the AirPods case. All the steps and processes are listed above, and I hope that you end up fixing your AirPods case.

Why is my AirPods case dying so fast?

This is a bug with AirPods, and it constantly decreases around 20-50% of charge. However, it may also be an issue with your charger or the lightning cable. You can follow the fix above to either fix the discharge issue or get a better charger and cable.

How long does it take to charge the Airpod case?

It doesn’t take a long time to charge your AirPods case, and you should never overcharge it. The maximum time it needs to be fully charged is about 1 hour and 10 mins. As soon as you’re done with that, disconnect the charging cable and let the AirPod rest.

Why are my AirPods not charging?

Your AirPods might not be charging for a multitude of reasons, and either the AirPods themselves are broken or the case it. Whatever the case, maybe you should try looking for fixes, and if nothing works, then get to the Apple Store to replace them.

Final Words

Now that you know how to take care of your AirPods and how you can fix them, we hope that the guide above was helpful to you and expect that we have answered all your queries. However, if there is something left and you need a question answered, then comment down below, and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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