13 Best Sites Like 123movies Working in 2021

sites like 123movies

For quite some time now, 123movies has been the one-stop destination for watching movies and TV shows for free. But just like any other platform, this website also gets engaged in some legal issues for which the services got interrupted. 

In case you’re worried about the fact that 123movies is not operating anymore, there is a piece of good news. In 2021, there are many sites like 123 movies that can help you keep up with your daily dosage of entertainment. Here we bring 13 of the best ones available to date.

Best sites like 123movies in 2021

F Movies

FmoviesIf you’re here looking for endless hours of non-stop entertainment, F Movies is a promising choice to go for. Loaded up with a vast library, finding the movie that you’re after on this platform won’t be a tough thing to deal with. Being one of the best sites like 123movies, the platform is well versed in holding a great collection of classic blockbusters. However, the good thing is, F movies doesn’t lack the latest releases either. One of the eye-catching things about the 123movie alternative is how well the entire library is categorized. That eventually means you’ll not have to get yourselves into the hassle of browsing along with the entire library every time. 

Main Features:

  • F Movies features movie titles from every corner of the world.
  • The platform is home to a vast library of movies that focus on all-time Classic hits as well as latest releases.
  • The whole website is built keeping the user experience in mind. As a result, sorting and finding movies is super flexible. You can simply take assistance from languages, categories, and even genres to find out your desired movie.
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Just Watch

Just-watch sites like 123movies

Next up in the list of best sites like 123movies, we bring you Just Watch. Whether you ask about streaming or downloading, everything is superb with this brilliantly made platform. Talking about the most amazing things, Just Watch is simply a paradise for all binge-watchers who holds a special place for TV shows. The entire website features a comprehensive and distinct list of movies that comes from across different genres. Speaking in other words, Just Watch is a powerful platform that lets you find and watch movies, TV Shows that are already discovered and sorted in a proper manner.

Main Features:

  • Just Watch is a great 123movies alternative that provides users and easy access to the entire library.
  • From Movies to TV shows, everything is perfectly sorted to help healthy browsing.
  • With Just Watch, you can even connect and watch movies on your smart TV.
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TV Muse


Moving forward with the list of best sites like 123movies that can help keep up with the pace of next-generation entertainment, TV Muse is there to save the day. The platform is home to a library of content that features a touch from every corner of the world. One of the things about this 123movies alternatives is that you don’t need to get into registrations; this means straightaway, you can visit the website and start enjoying movie sessions all for free. This is something great for user satisfaction, right?

Main Features:

  • TV Muse brings a super clean and minimalist interface for users to work seamlessly.
  • Simple access to this platform will allow you to watch and even download movies and TV in HD.
  • The developer promises TV Muse to see updates on a regular basis. This ensures you’ll never run out of fresh content to enjoy.
  • From animations to news, get ready to come across every genre of video content here.
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popcorn flix

PopcornFlix is a multiplatform streaming client that is quite popular among movie lovers. Unlike other sites like 123movies, this one definitely bags more advanced features. From action to horror, from comedy to animation, PopcornFlix brings the perfect dose of endless entertainment for every individual worldwide. Although there are many, one excitingly good thing about this 123movies alternative is that finding your kind of movie even from the long list is super easy. All you need to do is select your desired genre and watch content at your convenience.

Main Features:

  • With Popcorn Flix, you get a vast library to serve your taste.
  • Bags the most minimalist and straightforward design that you’ll ever see.
  • This 123movies alternative is widely available in the form of an app as well as on a web platform.
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Vid Strum


The list of best sites like 123movies is quite healthy and long; filling that up, we’ve Vid Strum next. This platform is a great place for all the “drama” lovers. When I say a great place for drama lovers, I mean it. Vid Strum is simply a goldmine of drama content that have been featured to date. Also, no matter where you live, accessing everything is entirely free. Now you might be wondering, what is like the quality of content, well then Vid Strum doesn’t disappoint here either. If you’re into the drama genre pretty much and wishing for a platform with a mug full of content, make sure you’ve got a look at Vid Strum.

Main Features:

  • Vid Strum’s interface is clean and simple.
  • You’ll encounter a minimum number of ads. Thus, the long binge sessions are less of a headache now.
  • A healthy database with full high-quality drama content.
  • No restrictions as of now. You can access the library from anywhere in the world.
  • The updates are pretty frequent, leaving users a fresh plate of content every now and then.
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With Soap2day, you’re looking at the most popular sites like 123movies that definitely deserve to have your time invested in. This very platform is rich in a library of movies and TV shows that are promising to provide you with endless hours of entertainment. Also, you don’t need to deal with registrations to access the database. Additionally, Soap2day, the brilliant 123movies alternative, brings a minimalist design for visitors to work with pretty flexibly. If we put everything about Soap2day in other words, the website is a superb-built one that meets the set of needs that every binge-watcher holds.

Main Features:

  • With this 123movies alternative, users can watch movies and even TV shows in full high definition.
  • No registrations required
  • The website amazingly holds a reputation for bringing daily updates. Fresh content is thus not a very rare thing to encounter on Soap2day.
  • Another amazing feature about Soap2day is its ability to accept movie requests. This means you don’t need to worry about missing out on your favourite movie as on unavailability; you can just request for it.
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Watch Series

watch series

From the list of movies that are never-ending to the TV shows and episodes from every corner of the world, it is safe to say that Watch Series is among the best sites like 123movies that bags everything for keeping you busy. Whether it be drama or anime, it is what pleases you the most; find them easily on this platform. Also, there is no reason to worry about the quality of streams. This means that watching movies on Watch Series will never disappoint you in any manner. However, unlike some of the 123movies alternatives, you’re bound to create an account. But considering the free nature, registration is not something to worry about. 

Main Features:

  • With Watch Series, gift yourself with a library of content that sees regular updates.
  • Stream and watch movies in high quality.
  • Subscribe to your favourite stream to make sure you don’t miss out on any kind of future uploads.
  • Watch Series is a platform with the most flexible search feature. This means you can look for movies either using the categories or simply using the functional search bar. 
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With all the customization traits, Xfinity is among the sites like 123movies that behaves like a dream platform for each and every binge-watcher out there. No matter if you take the categories or the genres under consideration, Xfinity bags everything you can ever ask for. Holding down to the most massive collection ever, the Xfinity is undoubtedly one of the best 123movies alternatives that you need to check out. Again, you’ll not have to get yourself inside the registration portal and can simply watch or download your favourite movies just by visiting the website.

Main Features:

  • The Xfinity platform has more than 20 genres of movies spreading all across the world.
  • Thanks to the user-friendly interface, working with this 123movies alternative is super easy.
  • Registrations are not required for accessing the database
  • You’ll encounter a minimal number of ads. That means you’ll have no disruptions.
  • An amazing thing about Xfinity is that it holds a dedicated section that sees news and reviews of movies around the world. 
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Watch Episode


Watch Episode is again among the innovative sites like 123movies. The platform promises a library of movies and TV shows that holds down the quality factor pretty seamlessly. The Watch Episode platform works great towards the user experience, majorly with the minimalist yet modern-looking user interface. You can navigate along with the website and find your favorite movies with no issues whatsoever. 

Main Features:

  • With the Watch Episode platform, get ready to enter into the world of high-quality movies blended excellently in a clean user experience.
  • Thanks to all the updates that the platform sees at regular intervals, you’re quite sure to end up with new movies here and there.
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Tubi TV


Talking about the best sites like 123movies, we’ve Tubi Tv at the 10th position. Undoubtedly a great alternative to 123movies, Tubi TV is a go-to destination for all movie lovers. Tubi Tv is one that has a healthy set of optimized and best high-quality content within a user-friendly platform. Just by accessing this website, you can browse along with the humungous library of free to watch content. Talking about the content itself, everything stretches from genres to regions worldwide. Further inside of every section, you can find the most relevant one with ease.

Main Features:

  • No browsing issues; the platform is super easy to use.
  • It comes with a long list of movies that spreads over every genre.
  • Updates are healthy to help users experience better content
  • No ads, no disturbances.
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Rainer Land


Having talked about a number of sites like 123movies so far, Rainer Land is featured next. The website provides shelter to a vast volume of content in the most flexible and minimalist user interface. Whether you’re looking for a comedy movie or a thriller to get engaged into, it might be action what you’re after, or horror for the never-ending chills, get what you want with Rainer Land. Honestly speaking, everything about this platform is meant to perform for visitors and speak the language of quality every now and then. 

 Main Features:

  • With Rainer Land, you get a collection of TV shows and movies to keep yourself busy throughout the day.
  • The website promises to help you with fresh content thanks to the updates on a regular basis.
  • No regional restrictions. You can access this website from anywhere in the world. 
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Crave is among the exciting sites like tive123movies that can shift your movie watching experience to new dimensions. Are you worried about your location? You don’t have to. This website is accessible from anywhere in the world. From the old classics to the new releases, get hold of every video content in the most impressive manner. Also, apart from movies, the TV shows shower on this platform. One feature that sets this 123movies alternative apart is its ability to get acquainted with various languages. A great add on for all the regional viewers. Also, the honesty of the service providers with updates will make choosing Crave worth your time.

Main Features:

  • The platform is one of the best online homes for streaming movies and TV shows.
  • You can easily get hold of regional content in various languages.
  • Offers users steamtable content with quality embedded
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Prime Wire


Concluding our list of best sites like 123movies, Prime Wire is the next-generation deal. For free movie streaming, you can’t have a better option. As a 123movies alternative, this platform bags a long list of movies and healthy TV shows that can fulfill your thirst for entertainment in the snap of your finger. Apart from setting itself up with a vast library, the platform ensures no compromising with the quality of browsing.

Main Features:

  • A humongous library of high-quality movies and TV shows that are free to watch
  • The platform doesn’t need accounts to move forward.
  • It brings the cleanest yet flexible user interface for a browsing experience that is seamless. 
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Best Working Proxy of 123movies Working in 2021

123movies Mirror

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is 123movies? 

123movies is an impressive platform that sets home to a library of bulked volume movies and TV shows. The website including all the popular titles that you can ask for in 2021. One of the best things about 123movies is its free nature. Yes, you heard it right, with 123movies, you can get ready to watch movies and TV shows for free. 

Why do you need sites like 123movies? 

123movies have been serving as a paradise for movie lovers. However, the platform has recently met many copyright allegations. Having said that, the services were eventually shut in many regions. For that matter of fact, you need sites like 123movies and keep the binge-watching game alive.

Are there any Free sites like 123movies? 

Yes, there are free sites live 123movies. In fact, each of the ones that are mentioned in this article fall under the free category. To name a few, we’ve Xfinity, Tubi TV, Soap2Day, and more.

Wrapping Up

With the 123movies getting shut in many regions, the urgency for sites like 123movies is real in 2021. Thankfully there are effective platforms that promise a free and seamless movie viewing experience. In this very article, we’ve covered 13 of the best sites like 123movies that can help you watch movies for free in 2021. Although every 123movies alternative is tested to work flawlessly, considering the indefinite future of the links, you might find a platform that ceases to work. In that case, we recommend you choose from other options.

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend pirating any movies or shows, and this list is only for knowledgeable purposes.

That’s all about best sites like 123movies in 2021.

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