KimCartoon alternatives -13 Best Websites Like KimCartoon in 2021

Kimcartoon alternatives

Are you worried about KimCartoon getting shut recently? Well, we’ve you covered.

KimCartoon has been one of the best platforms for seamlessly streaming cartoons in HD. Most of the users tend to hover over to KimCartoon and find their desired cartoons. The platform not only bags the popular ones but also lists a healthy number of less-known toons. One of the best things about this site is that all the content are available for free access.

Although KimCartoon had a healthy run for years, recently, it met a number of negative situations. Encountering copyright infringement issues, the site got shut in multiple regions, leaving toon lovers in ultimate despair. However, the good thing is accessing cartoons for free in 2021 is still a possibility. With that being said, we’re here to bring you the best KimCartoon alternatives that you need to check out right away.

Best KimCartoon alternatives in 2021


KimCartoon alternative

To begin with our list of best alternatives to KimCartoon, we’ve CartoonsOn featured our list today. This platform is an impressive way to conveniently hand around with your favorite cartoons. CartoonsOn loads up with a vast library that bags every popular title from all around the world. The website, alongside having a long list of content, categorizes everything in a very user-friendly nature. The sorting is basically done in terms of different Shows, Characters, and even the Studio. With that being said, finding the one you desire won’t be much of a deal.

Main Features:

  • CartoonsOn brings the most minimalist and user-friendly interface.
  • The content on this website is appropriately categorized. Users can easily access their desired cartoons using the simple browse method or can choose to go for the character names and even the studios that produced that very cartoon.
Visit CartoonsOn



Home to a brilliantly designed clean interface, Toonova is a great KimCartoon alternative to look at next. The website is a pleasing platform for all toon lovers, especially for kids worldwide. Although the launch of Toonova has been quite some time now, you’ll never get disappointed with the content that this website bags, all thanks to the efficiency of the developers that brings updates on a regular basis. Cartoons within Toonova are incredibly displayed. You’ll get to see ratings and descriptions alongside the name and player for each of them. For that very reason, choosing the one at a confused state will get more flexible of a task to handle.

Main Features:

  • You can access the app form of this website for convenient browsing.
  • Toonova allows users to read Manga.
  • It is an absolutely safe platform for kids.
  • Thanks to the regular updates, you’ll be served fresh content every week.
  • Toonova is free from ads.
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kiss anime

Moving forward with our excellent list of best KimCartoon alternatives, let us talk a bit about KissAnime. This website has everything that any cartoon lover can ask for, from an extensive library to a clean user interface. KissAnime is an entirely safe and secure website that comes with a bag full of Japanese anime. In other words, accessing KissAnime will land you on high-quality Japanese Anime in the snap of a finger. One of the features that sets this KimCartoon alternative apart is its ad-free nature. Also, the platform is entirely free, which means there are no hidden charges or subscriptions. KissAnime is all about free next-level entertainment.

Main Features:

  • Superb content that you can view from anywhere in the world for free.
  • No ads to halt your viewing session
Visit Website



With ToonGet, you’re introduced to another impressive platform for watching cartoons. As a KimCartoon alternative, ToonGet is a deal-breaker. From dubbed animes to full-length cartoon movies, you’ll not get a chance to miss out on anything here. Further, ToonGet is a shelter to the Korean Drama that too in high definition. Also, reading comics is super flexible with ToonGet. Another exciting feature of this KimCartoon alternative is the no registration nature. This means you are not bound to register yourself for watching your favorite animes.

Main Features:

  • Fluently interactive yet minimalist interface.
  • An extensive collection of KDrama, cartoons, and also animes.
  • The media files are brilliantly categorized to help users with flexible browsing.
  • You don’t need to create an account.

Watch Cartoons Online


Just how the name goes, Watch Cartoons Online is a great way to get yourselves engaged with high-quality cartoons online. It is a popular alternative to KimCartoon in 2021. The website for its users has a long list of animated series and movies. The entire content library of Watch Cartoons Online is quite humongous to keep you busy. Although the volume is vast, getting hold of the desired one is not a challenging task, majorly thanks to the organized arrangement. Further, you’ll have a search box to help you find the desired one easily.

Main Features:

  • Watch Cartoons Online brings a layout that is brilliantly structured.
  • With Watch Cartoons Online, you can find anime movies or the respective shows simply sorting by year and genre.
  • Let’s every user choose servers on their own terms to ensure there are no network disruptions.
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Cartoon Crazy

Are you crazy about animation or anything related to animated movies and shows? In that case, we’ve got a great piece for you. CartoonCrazy is one such KimCartoon alternatives that hold the reputation of being a paradise for uninterrupted viewing. Whether it be the regular toon shows to be it the top-notch Animes you’re after, finding anything related is evident with this website. CartoonCrazy, also promises regular updates. This means it is powerful enough to provide users with a vivid list of fresh content frequently.

Main Features:

  • CartoonCrazy embeds a huge list of animated media into a simple and flexible user interface.
  • With this platform, find and watch your favorite characters from different genres easily.
  • Thanks to the regular updates, CartoonCrazy is future-ready every time.
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Up next, we’ve AnimeDao. Another great KimCartoon alternative for every anime lover residing all around the world. If unlimited animes is what you’re after, AnimeDao is a piece of good news. The website also makes sure the media consumption bags minimal bandwidth level, which is a plus for the one’s who’s limited data access. From how efficient video playbacks are to the stream speed, content availability, and the entire browsing experience, almost everything with this platform is enough to get in love with.

Main Features:

  • The platform is home to a wide range of high-quality content.
  • Quick access to AnimeDao, and you’ll have the power to watch your favorite animated shows seamlessly.
  • With AnimeDao, there are no language barriers. Dubbed animes come loaded with this website.
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With AnimeToon. You’re looking at a brilliantly made website that serves efficiently for all cartoon lovers. Undoubtedly an impressive KimCartoon replacement, AnimeToon is a free web-based platform that is rich in thousands of cartoons hailing from regions. Alongside the popular and regular episodes, AnimeToon is a shelter to unlimited animated series that can please your thirst for entertainment. Besides content availability, the website also makes sure the user experience is well justified through the proper arrangement.

Main Features:

  • AnimeToon provides a unique and brilliant streaming experience.
  • The platform bags the most flexible user interface.
  • It lets viewers find cartoons on the basis of varied categories. You can also take alphabetical order into assistance for sorting the entire library in a more innovative manner.
Visit Website

Cartoon Extra

Cartoon Extra

If your love for anime and cartoons have made you seek for best platforms to watch them, it is pretty obvious you heard about Cartoon Extra. As of now, it is one of the most well-known websites for unlimited dosage of animated movies or TV shows. Among all the alternatives to KimCartoon, the one mentioned here has a decent database worth investing time in. The library of content that Cartoon Extra provides is a perfect treat for viewers who are willing to watch toons without spending anything. One of the best things about this KimCartoon replacement is that the whole library sees regular updates. For which, new content gets featured every now and then.

Main Features:

  • It is an impressively great platform with never-ending binging credibility.
  • The excellent design of KimCartoon helps to find the desired media file in the most straightforward manner.
  • The platform features new and fresh content with updates hitting the database time and time again.
Visit Website



If you’re still looking for another website like KimCartoon, with which you can watch your favorite animated movies and the TV shows in great quality, Eyeoanime is another great solution. From the most popular titles to the latest releases, this platform, in a word, is a paradise for worldwide users. It is not only the library size; Eyeoanime justifies user experience in an efficient manner as well. Bringing home an easy to use, minimalist interface, the platform ensures every level, irrespective of his/her exposure to browsing, holds a seamless encounter with Eyeonanime.

Main Features:

  • This KimCartoon alternative is a web platform that justifies the simple to use nature.
  • The website features a healthy toon list that is worth watching.
  • Free to use, which is absolutely a reason why you must try it.
Visit Website



Not just a KimCartoon alternative, but a one-stop destination for unlimited hours of toon based entertainment. From your favorite characters to your desired genre, from short length quickies to full-length movies, no matter what kind of toon you’re after, Nyaa will help you end up watching the same seamlessly. With 9cartoon, you can take your viewing sessions to a whole new level, all by simple free access to the website.

Main Features:

  • With Nyaa, you’ll be getting a super straightforward interface that is easy to browse.
  • All the content that embeds in the website is in high definition.
  • The website loads up really quick, which is again a plus for a great user experience.
Visit Website



Masterani is another KimCartoon alternative that falls under the No-Money Required category. It is basically a free website that loads up with a vast volume of cartoons and animes, which are all free to watch. Simple browsing along with the website, and you’ll figure out how and why Masterani is home to your favorite file.

Main Features:

  • Loads up with a very simple user interface.
  • Mastering features quite a healthy database.
  • Absolutely free to use with no hidden charges.
Visit Website



With ToonJet, we conclude our list of best KimCartoon alternatives working fine in 2021. The website in itself is amazing and has the quality that as soon as you visit it, chances are high you’ll get attached to it for a longer period. It is an entire kids’ friendly platform, which is at the same time extremely easy to use for any individual. ToonJet features a library that bears almost every animation you can think of. Also, the platform is free from registrations as well as in the content availability section. This means you don’t need to put in the effort to create accounts; rather, all you need to do is simply jump into the platform and watch your favorite toon sessions right away.

Main Features:

  • The platform is super easy and flexible to use.
  • Absolutely safe to browse for both kids and adults.
  • Home to a library of content that sees considerable volume.
  • With ToonJet, you can read blogs for free.
Visit Website

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is KimCartoon safe in 2021?

Although there are no hard and fast facts about KimCartoon being unsafe, certain organizations consider the website to act as a loophole in your system that can invite malware. It is the reason why we can’t tag KimCartoon to be entirely safe either.

Is KimCartoon legal in 2021?

KimCartoon has been a treat for anime lovers. However, recently the platform found itself engaged in multiple copyright infringement allegations. As a result of which, the services are currently shut-in many regions.  

Is there any working proxy of KimCartoon in 2021?

Although banned in many countries, there is still a working KimCartoon proxy in 2021. Visit here to access KimCartoon right away

Wrapping Up

In this article, we’ve mentioned about 13 best KimCartoon alternatives, which are still working in 2021. Quick access to the mentioned sites will help you ease your thirst for never-ending toon sessions. Alongside the feature-rich list, it is essential; you are aware of the fact that the life span of these platforms is indefinite. With that being said, if you end up on a website that isn’t working anymore, you can always try the next one.

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