KissCartoon alternatives: Best Websites Like KissCartoon To Watch Cartoon in 2021

KissCartoon alternatives

KissCartoon has been an excellent site for watching cartoons and movies from all around the world. However, with regular bans and website piracy issues, it has become one of the buggiest platforms and may not even work for many people. Hence, we are here to provide you with some great KissCartoon alternatives that will perform on all your expectations and make sure that you can watch all your cartoons and give your kids a wonderful experience of classic shows. So, let’s get started, shall we?!

1. Toon Jet – The Best KissCartoon Alternative

ToonJet - KissCartoon alternatives

Toon Jet is an online streaming service offering cartoon-based shows for kids and delivering some of the top shows and movies for free. It provides its channel subscribers with classic cartoon series like Betty Boop, Popeye, Looney Tunes, and modern animated shows in many different languages. Also, it has a user-friendly interface and comfortable to navigate for regular users.


  • Toon jet is an internet website that provides the ability to watch cartoons in HD quality.
  • Provides viewers 24/7 access to the great classic cartoons.
  • This website updates the episode list every month.
  • No need for any software or flash player to play episodes.
  • User-friendly and small interface.
  • It provides all the latest episodes of your favourite show and cartoons, which is entirely free.
  • Safe streaming.


  • Unique search features and layout.
  • Kid-friendly.
  • Comfortable to navigate.
  • No subscription fee.
  • Extensive collection of cartoon shows and movies.
  • Awesome HD quality video.


  • No download option.
  • It doesn’t have the most extensive database of episodes.
  • Serves content with ad promotion.
  • This site doesn’t have many collections of new episodes.

Link: Toonjet

2. Watchcartoononline – Extensive Cartoon Collection

WatchCartoonOnline - Kiscartoon alternatives

Watchcartoononline is a website showcasing high-quality Cartoon shows and has a broad range of shows and movies dubbed or subbed in English. It is a web portal that provides worldwide free access to top-rated and latest cartoon shows, and events and many people love this site because of its better interface. It is organized in the correct method so that it is comfortable to navigate for regular users. Furthermore, the portal provides several classes, making it straightforward for people to watch selected cartoons or movies of their curiosity.


  • It allows people to view completely different cartoons and movies at no cost.
  • There are several classes like Motion, Journey, Animation, Youngsters, Comedy on the portal of Watchcartoononline.
  • The site offers a vast collection of free-to-download shows.
  • The platform is user-friendly.
  • The site provides high-quality images and sound to satisfy the viewers.
  • No subscription is required to stream online.
  • Extensive collection covering different genres and English dubbed and subbed versions.


  • No subscription is required.
  • Several content categories.
  • Compatible with mobile browsers.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • HD quality streaming.
  • Allows timely website updates.
  • Download option available.


  • The website has embedded ads.
  • To prevent buffering, they have several servers that acquire details about your web.

Link: : WatchCartoonOnline

3. KimCartoon – Runner-up Best KissCartoon Alternative

Kimcartoon -  Kiscartoon alternatives

Kimcartoon is a must-watch cartoon site that features new and high-quality episodes of your favourite Cartoon shows, including timeless classics like The Tom and Jerry show. It offers a broad range of genres from Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi and never fails to impress a cartoon lover. This portal allows you to stream from laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones and is compatible with iOS and Android.


  • This website has a straightforward and clean interface.
  • Kimcartoon is a site in which you don’t have to sign up to avail of the services.
  • It offers free cartoon streaming and is well-categorized and easy to access.
  • It has vibrant and eye-catchy HD picture quality.
  • It allows reading comics on this website.
  • Accessible on any platform.
  • No need for any other software as it comes with an in-built video player.


  • Excellent and enjoyable content.
  • Download option is available.
  • Free cartoon streaming site.
  • HD video quality.
  • Kids-Friendly.


  • This website is illegal in many countries.
  • The website runs cartoons without their respective copyright.

Link: : KimCartoon

4. CartoonsOn – Best Cartoon Movie Collection

Cartoonson - Kisscartoon alternatives

If you are looking for some excellent cartoon content to watch online, CartoonsOn is a great site to watch your favourite cartoons online. This website offers old and new, short and long toons and animated movies Constantly updated. Most of them are available to watch online for free without signing up for a trial. Also, with CartoonsOn, you can easily watch your favourite shows without the need to download them.


  • It allows you to watch cartoons and animation shows from different studios like Walt Disney, Marvel Comics, Pixar, etc.
  • The website doesn’t charge any subscription fees.
  • Updated collections.
  • This website allows you to watch your favourite shows on any device at any time.
  • This portal allows users to request their favourite shows if not available on the website.
  • High-definition video quality.
  • The website is well-categorized and easy to access.


  • HD quality video streaming.
  • Kids-friendly
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No need to register or fill out any form.
  • Offers all the episodes from 1939 to 1967.


  • Download option not available.
  • The site should add more series to the list.

Link: : CartoonSon

5. Funimation – Official Anime streaming channel

Funimation - Kisscartoon alternatives

The site offers thousands of movies in a wide range of categories. In addition, it has daily new episodes of popular shows like Dragon Ball Z, Soul Eater, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Funimation allows users to watch English-dubbed movies and shows and the best thing about it is that you can watch a lot of its content for free without getting an ad-supported package.


  • Only limited shows can be watched in 1080p for free with ads.
  • Funimation is available on Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle, Chromecast, and so on.
  • Only the premium pack includes fast and friendly new browsing features.
  • The discover tab shows personalized recommendations and trending shows on the platform.
  • The website supports offline downloads on mobile, though exclusively at its premium plus subscription.
  • Parents can restrict mature content.


  • It has a much more extensive dub library.
  • Good collection of new and old shows.
  • You can subscribe to premium, premium plus, or premium plus ultra and unlock more features offered by the website.


  • Only limited features are available for free.
  • Only paid subscribers can experience fast and friendly new browsing features.
  • There aren’t many options for customizing subtitles.

Link: : Funimation

6. CartoonCrazy – Great website for anime and cartoons

CartoonCrazy -  Kisscartoon alternatives

Cartooncrazy is a great site to watch cartoons and animated shows for free. However, the website has faced many issues and attracted attention from copyright groups and law enforcement agencies that have crashed it for a fair bit of time. In addition, this website doesn’t offer any download option, and instead, you have to stream the movies and shows, which can be a bummer looking to download videos. However, because of the simplicity of the website, Cartooncrazy attracts audiences and compete with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.


  • Cartooncrazy has more than 8000 cartoon shows available in different languages.
  • This website offers Hd, 140p, 240p, 360p, 720p, and 1080p quality movies.
  • Easy to navigate and easy to search.
  • You do not have to pay any subscription fee to use the website.
  • The users can download their favourite shows.
  • There are several categories like action, kids, horror, mystery, and much more available on the site.


  • It is a legally viable website.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Ultra HD quality video.
  • Subtitles available for all cartoon shows and have a massive collection of dubbed cartoons.


  • The website doesn’t store any content on its servers.
  • The ads often pop up between the streaming, which irritates the users.

Link: : CartoonCrazy

7. Crunchyroll – Best Dub Cartoon Collection

CrunchyRoll - Kisscartoon alternatives

You may know Crunchyroll as the best site for anime, but do you know that Crunchyroll has cartoons and cartoon movies too. It provides an extensive collection of shows that will bring back your childhood memories and nostalgia, and it also serves to be a great base of shows for kids. It also has parental controls, which help you manage your child’s watches and enable you to maintain the age demographic.


  • Has an extensive collection of anime and cartoon shows
  • Provides high resolution streaming and downloading
  • Is completely legal
  • It comes with a friendly user interface
  • Has a robust premium subscription


  • Available in most countries
  • Fast streaming and downloading speeds
  • Great in-built media player


  • The premium subscription can get costly after the free trial

Link: : Crunchyroll

8. Disney Junior – Classic Disney Show Collection

Disney Junior: KissCartoon alternatives

Disney is the household name for animation and kid-friendly shows and houses some of the best-known classics as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Disney Junior helps you access all this for free and has a beautiful and simple user interface that would pose no problem for your kids to get used to. You just need to create an account and start using the streaming platform for all the nostalgic and new shows.


  • It has a vast collection of first-party shows such as Mickey Mouse
  • Has fast access speeds and excellent webpage security
  • Is completely legal
  • It can be streamed to your smart TV
  • Has an extensive premium subscription plan


  • It has a friendly UI
  • Has parental restrictions built-in
  • It has excellent classic shows and amazing new shows for all kids


  • It can get pricey with the premium subscription
  • It doesn’t allow you to download shows

Link: : Disney Junior

9. Cartoon Network – Best Cartoon Network Show Collection

CartoonNetwork- KissCartoon alternatives

We all know Cartoon Network and the big sensation it was when we were kids. So, now with the streaming site, you can access all your favourite shows from Ben10 to Pokemon. It also has been streaming some great new shows for the new generation of children, and it is entirely free to access with no limitations on streaming or browsing. In addition, you can access the site and make an account for free access to multiple shows and games for your children.


  • It has a clean and kid-friendly UI
  • Has games and cartoons
  • Houses classic shows like Transformers and Ben10
  • It is free and has a mobile-ready app


  • Fast and easy access process
  • Can stream in HD and higher resolutions
  • Accessible all over the world


  • Needs an account to be created for no restriction access
  • Cannot download videos

Link: : Cartoon Network

10. Nickelodeon – Best for Young Kids

Nickelodeon - KissCartoon alternatives

Another great classic option that is recognized all around the world. Nickelodeon made its name with some fantastic shows such as SpongeBob and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Everything can be streamed for free on the official website, and you can also use an account to manage all your shows and restrict shows for kids. It also has all the classic shows, but the UI can get a little getting used to it.


  • Has all old classics and newer shows listed
  • Can stream HD and higher resolution content
  • It is streamable to your smart TV
  • It is available on Android and iOS as well


  • Quick access to multiple shows in different languages
  • It is available in numerous countries
  • HD and higher resolution content


  • The overall UI can be a little clunky
  • It doesn’t have an extensive collection of different channel shows


11. Gogoanime – Best Anime Website

GoGoAnime -  KissCartoon alternatives

Gogoanime is a classic anime platform that has been running for years. It is entirely safe to use and has a clean, ad-free watching experience. Many show up with HD resolution and are constantly updated with newer shows and episodes every day. So, if you want a lot of sub and dub content, Gogoanime is the way to go.


  • Has an extensive collection of shows
  • It is updated every day
  • Has both sub and dub shows
  • Works all around the world
  • It has a lot of servers for easy connection and watching


  • Easy and Fast access to multiple shows
  • Updated regularly
  • Great for older and newer releases with an inbuilt media player


  • It doesn’t have any child restriction features


12. 9Anime – Great collection for Sub Cartoons and Anime

9Anime - KissCartoon alternatives

9Anime is another excellent anime and cartoon watching site that is very similar to Gogoanime. However, it is much more user-friendly and also has higher resolution content available to download. But the website sometimes gets down and is generally slower than Gogoanime for updating shows daily.


  • Easy to use with a friendly UI
  • Multiple shows in eng sub and dub
  • It is updated twice or thrice a week
  • Has high-resolution FULL HD content


  • It can be used around the world
  • It is legal to use
  • Allows downloading shows and episodes


  • The search feature is buggy
  • The website sometimes crashes


13. WatchSeries – Best for Drama Shows and Movies

WatchSeries - KissCartoon alternatives

If you need a massive collection of Dramas, Movies, and Cartoons, WatchSeries is the way to go. It comes with separate pages for all content and also allows you to bookmark and make a profile for easier access throughout shows. You can also download and stream the entire show without ads or any background disturbances.


  • Easy to use
  • The best site for Korean, Japanese Dramas and Movies
  • Fantastic collection of cartoons
  • FULL HD Streaming
  • Easy navigation and search process


  • It has a lot of content
  • Has sub and dub support
  • Updated frequently


  • It takes a little bit of time to get into the site
  • Crashes sometimes

Link: WatchSeries

14. ChiaAnime – Best for old anime shows

ChiaAnime - KissCartoon alternatives

ChiaAnime is an old platform for Anime, and Cartoon shows many people respect that as one of the best streaming sites. However, it is mainly updated with subbed shows, and dubbed shows need a little more time to be updated. The best content on it is the old show collection that is very difficult to watch anywhere else.


  • Has an extensive collection of old nostalgic shows
  • Supports HD sub shows
  • It can be accessed very quickly
  • It has minimal ads


  • It can be accessed at quick speeds
  • Has an extensive collection of subbed shows
  • Has minimal advertisements or distractions


  • Not a good fit for dub watchers

Link: ChiaAnime

15. B98 TV – Best for new and old Cartoon series

B98 - KissCartoon alternatives

If you love old 90s cartoon shows from the US, you’re going to love B98 TV as it features a massive collection of old nostalgic shows from Mickey Mouse to Animaniacs. It also has shows from the black and white era and is constantly updated with newer shows. The quality is also excellent, and the search button is beneficial in finding the right show you are looking for.


  • Easy to use with a powerful search feature
  • Has shows from the old 90s era to the newly released series
  • Has support for streaming and downloading HD content
  • The UI is intuitive and straightforward to use


  • Child restrictions and kid-friendly platform
  • Can manage all your shows with a profile
  • Supports high-resolution FULL HD series and episodes


  • The overall look can feel a little bit dated

Link: B98 TV


How do you know any site is legal and safe to use?

Most streaming websites are illegal and can be filled with viruses and malware, slowing down and even break your device. However, all the websites linked above are safe and legal to use, and you can also check the validity by entering the address on google and checking it for reviews and shutdowns.

Do These Sites Charge For The Content?

No, all these websites are free, but some websites, such as Crunchyroll, have a premium subscription plan that is excellent at providing the best shows with a single tap. It also helps you by providing you with a free trial and is recommended by various show makers.

What can I use instead of KissCartoon?

Websites like ToonJet and WatchCartoonOnline are great alternatives to KissCartoon and should be used as safe and legal. They are also ad-free and provide a great experience with HD sub and dub content from all over the world.

Is KissCartoon Safe 2021?

No, KissCartoon is not safe to use in 2021 as the original website is already down, and the clones have a lot of problems with viruses and ads that can ruin your device. The site is also constantly facing attacks and lawsuits and will be taken down eventually.

Final Words

Cartoon Network and Toon Jet are fantastic websites with excellent streaming services, and some even allow you to download shows for offline viewing. Covering all the websites ensures that you can have all your favourite shows in one place and classic channels and shows from your childhood. So, get started and enjoy all your amazing nostalgic shows with your kids.

Disclaimer: We don’t support pirating any content, and this list is primarily for knowledge on classic cartoon streaming services. We also support the creators and help out the cartoon community and expect you will do the same.

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