Couchtuner Alternatives : 15 Best websites like the Couch tuner in 2021 (Tried and Tested)

Couchtuner alternatives

Are you having trouble with Couchtuner? Nothing to worry about. You’ve just made the right decision to land on this page.

Let’s cut the chase; buying recurring paid subscriptions to watch movies is not a cup of tea for anyone. Here is when Couchtuner came as a blessing for movie fans all over the world. For years this platform helped individuals access the latest and classic blockbusters for free.But as of now, things have altered a bit. While some regions have
suddenly blocked the services, other regions are failing to access any update.

Thankfully, the free movie watching scenes are still on. Having said that, I’m here to share the 15 best Couchtuner alternatives that are working absolutely fine in 2021. Also, I’ve included two working mirrors of the original Couchtuner website. Make sure to check them out.

Best Working Proxies of the Couch Tuner Working in 2021

For everyone who’s willing to watch Couchtuner in 2021, there is a piece of good news. There are two genuinely working mirrors. Use them and watch Couchtuner seamlessly. But it is important to keep in mind that the links might stop working all of a sudden. In that case, the alternatives to Couchtuner are always there to save your day.

Couchtuner Mirror 1: Couchtuner Mirror 1

Couchtuner Mirror 2: Couchtuner Mirror 2

Couchtuner alternatives


xfinity - Couchtuner alternatives

Well known for all the personalization traits, Xfinity is like a dream platform for every binge-watcher. Whether we talk about categories or genres, Xfinity has it all. Thanks to the massive collection, Xfinity is definitely one of the best Couchtuner alternatives out there. One of the best things about this alternative to Couchtuner is that you don’t need an account to watch or download your favourite movies.

Main Features:

  • Xfinity brings more than 20 genres of movies
  • It comes with and user-friendly interface.
  • No registration required for watching or downloading movies in HD.
  • Thanks to the minimal volume of ads, you don’t need to worry about
    unusual popups.
  • Xfinity features a dedicated section for the latest movie and
    music-related news from around the world.
Visit Xfinity

TV Muse

tvmuse - Couchtuner alternatives

Talking about the Couchtuner alternatives that can keep the entertainment game alive, we’ve got TV Muse. Home to a long list of content that converges from every corner of the world, you as a user are pretty sure to leave with a mark of satisfaction. Just like Xfinity, you need no registrations to move forward with this website. Also, the
available content is totally free for you to access.

Main Features:

  • TV Muse provides a clean interface for users to navigate seamlessly.
  • The platform allows users to access and download files in HD without
    even creating an account.
  • The content across TV Muse sees regular updates, ensuring never miss
    out on fresh pieces to look at.
  • With this Couchtuner alternative, you get a heavy volume of content,
    stretching from animations to news via other categories.
Visit TV Muse

F Movies

Fmovies: Couchtuner alternatives

If you seek endless hours of entertainment with less to no disruptions, F Movies has to be your choice. Thanks to the vast library, finding your favourite movie on this platform won’t be much of a big deal. Although this alternative to Couchtuner is well known for bagging classic blockbusters, if you wish to invest quality time watching any latest release, Café Movie will help you do exactly that. One of the best things about the Couch tuner alternative is how every movie is categorized in the most user-friendly nature. That means you don’t need to hassle long the entire library to find out the desired one.

Main Features:

  • With F Movies, you’ll get movie titles from all around the world.
  • It bags a vast library of movies with a prime focus on all-time
    Classic hits.
  • The entire website is built to serve an excellent user experience.
    Sorting movies is super flexible. You can also make use of languages
    and genres to find out your favourite movie.
Visit F Movies


popcorn - Couchtuner alternatives

With PopcornFlix, you’re looking at a multiplatform streaming client. Compared to other Couchtuner alternatives, this is definitely a more advanced platform. From comedy to thrillers, from action to animation, PopcornFlix is perfect for an unlimited dose of entertainment. The good thing is, you don’t need to worry about browsing along with the long list every time you wish to watch a movie. Rather select your genre and access the desired content with ease.

Main Features:

  • Home to a vast library of movies.
  • Super clean and straightforward interface to deal with.
  • This Couchtuner alternative is available on both web platforms as
    well as in the form of iOS and Android apps.
Visit PopcornFlix


Soap2day- Couchtuner alternatives

Listed among the most popular movie streaming platforms, Soap2day is definitely one best Couchtuner alternatives to invest your time in. The platform is home to a vast library of movies and TV shows, and you don’t need any registration to access those. Also, Soap2day brings in a clean and interactive design to work with. In simple words, the website is built to meet the needs of binge-watchers in the most comprehensive yet
promising manner.

Main Features:

  • It allows users to watch movies and TV shows in high definition.
  • Creating an account with Soap2day is not a necessity.
  • The website promises daily updates to make sure fresh content is
    served every time.
  • Soap2day allows movie requests. So, in case you don’t find what
    you’re looking for, you always have the option to make a request.
Visit Soap2day

Watch Series

WatchSeries - Couchtuner alternatives

Featuring an endless number of movies, TV shows and episodes, Watch Series is among the best alternatives to Couchtuner that will keep you busy. Whether drama or anime, triller or any other genre that holds your taste for movies, this platform is one of the best places to find them. Moreover, thanks to the high-quality streaming feature, the viewing experience on Watch Series will never let you down. However, you’ll need\ to create an account but don’t worry about expenses. This Couchtuner alternative brings unparallel features to the users for free.

Main Features:

  • Endless library of content with regular updates.
  • The website provides streaming services in high quality.
  • It allows users to subscribe to their favourite stream, ensuring
    they don’t miss out the future uploads.
  • Watch Series brings the most flexible search feature where users can
    look for movies according to categories or directly using the
    search bar.
Visit WatchSeries

Vid Strum

Vidstrum - Couchtuner alternatives

Moving forward with the list of best alternatives to Couchtuner, we’ve Vid Strum. Now, this platform is built specifically for the lovers of drama. Trust me when I say that, Vid Strum is like a goldmine of drama content across the internet. Also, everything in this platform is free to access with no country or region-based restrictions whatsoever. Shifting our attention towards the quality of streams, Vid Strum doesn’t disappoint in this section either. Overall, if you still wish to watch Couchtuner for drama but fail to do so, have your attention on Vid

Main Features:

  • Vid Strum bags a clean and healthy user interface.
  • The ad volumes are minimum, ensuring your long binge sessions are
    less disrupted.
  • A database full of high-quality content, especially under the
    “Drama” genre.
  • No kind of regional restriction, which means users can stream movies
    and TV shows from anywhere in the world.
  • Frequent updates for fresh content.
Visit VidStrum

Just Watch

Just-watch - Couchtuner alternatives

Next up in the list of best alternatives to Couchtuner, we want you to have a look at Just Watch. From streaming to downloading, everything is Just Perfect with this platform. Talking about amazing things, Just Watch is a dream place for all TV show lovers. The website also features a vivid list of movies that extend across varied genres. In simple words, Just Watch empowers you to discover and find the best destination for watching your favourite movies and TV shows.

Main Features:

  • Just Watch provides visitors with an easy and straightforward
    interface to interact.
  • Movies and TV shows are perfectly sorted for seamless browsing
  • The platform allows users to connect and watch movies on your TV
    right from the portable device itself.
Visit Just watch

Watch Episode

WatchEpisode- Couchtuner alternatives

Watch Episode is among the impressive alternatives to Couchtuner. The platform is home to a library of content that qualifies both in quantity and quality. Watch Episode bags a great and flexible user interface for seamless navigation. All the movies and episodes are so well categorized that finding the desired one gets as easy as you can expect.

Main Features:

  • With Watch Episode, get ready to experience a clean user experience.
  • Thanks to regular updates, accessing fresh and latest content is
    made easier on this website.
Visit Watch Episode

Rainer Land

RainerInd - Couchtuner alternatives

Having talked about a number of alternatives to Couchtuner so far, Rainerland is one that operates best with high-quality content requirements. Accessing this website will ensure you walk through a long list of quality blended content, all for free. Talking about content, these stretches from movies of different genres to TV shows serving varied tastes. Also, in the movie’s sections, finding the latest ones is as probable as the old titles and thanks to the flexible search facility, none of these won’t trouble you much.

Main Features:

  • Bags a collection of TV shows and movies favoring your taste.
  • The website promises to update the latest content from all around
    the world in regular intervals.
  • Accessible in almost all the countries with no
    restrictions whatsoever.
Visit RainerLand

123 Movies

123Movies - Couchtuner alternatives

Approaching towards the end of the list, 123 Movies is a promising CouchTuner alternative. Like most of the other options mentioned above, this platform is home to content which marks quality in the truest form. No matter what kind of taste you hold for entertainment, 123 Movies will make sure to serve everything perfectly. All these and more for free, all that you need is an active internet connection, amazing, right?

Main Features:

  • Watch your favourite movies and Tv shows from across the world
    for free.
  • The content across the website is marked to meet diversified needs,
    which means you’re quite sure to find whatever you seek.
  • Regular updates for fresh content.
  • Easy and flexible layout.
Visit 123Movies

Prime Wire

Primewire - Couchtuner alternatives

For free and seamless movie streaming, Prime Wire is a great solution. As a Couch Tuner alternative, this website bags list of movies and TV shows that are fruitful to fill your entertainment needs. Besides being home to a vast library, the website ensures convenient browsing, majorly thanks to the no registration nature. This means you don’t need to waste your time creating accounts. Also, finding the desired title is very smooth. You can sort movies by genre and even languages on Prime Wire.

Main Features:

  • Humongous database of movies and TV shows in high definition.
  • The platform doesn’t require users to create accounts.
  • A clean and flexible user interface for seamless browsing.
Visit Primewire


Crave - Couchtuner alternatives

Crave, the most amazing Couch Tuner alternative for watching TV shows. Irrespective of the origin, the website acts as a shelter for almost every TV show released all around the world. One of the best things about Craze is that the content stretches in various languages, which is a plus for regional viewers. Also, the service providers are quite active in updating the entire library frequently. Hence catching up on your favourite shows is more friendly with Craze.

Main Features:

  • Best online platform for streaming TV shows.
  • Features content in multiple languages.
  • Offers users high-definition steamtable quality content.
Visit Crave

Tubi TV

Tubitv - Couchtuner alternatives

Coming as a great alternative to The Couch Tuner, Tubi TV is made for movie lovers. The vast content, extremely flexible user interface, and everything else about this platform is meant to speak quality. Tubi TV offers users unlimited content across multiple genres. Whether it be a comedy, thriller, action, or horror, get your taste served the best possible way with the free services from Tubi TV. The only requirementis a quick registration, and the best thing with that, you can forget about ads entirely.

Main Features:

  • Super easy user interface
  • Movies that cover almost every genre.
  • No compromises with updates.
  • Ad-free experience.
Visit Tubi tv

Couch Tuner Hub

Couchtuner hub - Couchtuner alternatives

Just by its name, you know it is here to serve the functionality of Couch Tuner in the most effective manner. In case your love for the Couch Tuner is immense, this website has to be your go-to destination. The main reason is that almost everything revolves around the original website. With that being said, you can expect a replica to Couchtuner, from browsing to features. To sum up, in simple words, the concluding alternative might well be the option that can serve you in every way possible.

Main Features:

  • Great browsing experience, all thanks to flexible and super to use
    features within the user interface
  • Home to a wide collection of movies and TV shows from every corner
    of the world.
  • An incredible sorting facility, which makes it easy to find the
    desired movie.
Visit Couch Tuner Hub

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Couchtuner?

Couchtuner is a platform that brings in a vast library of movies and TV shows for users to access. Although the list of such sites is pretty long, including the popular ones Netflix, HULU, etc., one thing that makes Couchtuner so amazing is its free to use nature. In other words, this platform allows users to watch their favourite movies for free. 

What Are the Best Alternatives for Couchtuner?

The best alternatives to Couchtuner working in 2021 are:

  • Xfinity
  • TV Muse
  • F Movies
  • PopcornFlix
  • Soap2day
  • Watch Series
  • Vid Strum
  • Just Watch
  • Watch Episode
  • Rainer Land
  • 123 Movies
  • Prime Wire
  • Crave
  • Tubi TV
  • Couch Tuner Hub

Are there any Free Couchtuner Alternatives? 

Yes, there are. In fact, all the ones mentioned in this article fall under the category of free Couchtuner alternatives. Although a few of them come with paid services of some sort, you can access the amazing library of movies and TV Shows without spending anything out of your

Wrapping Up

With Couchtuner getting inaccessible in many regions, the need for an alternative is pretty urgent for some individuals. Thankfully there are promising websites that are built to provide you with a seamless viewing experience. In this article, we’ve looked at 15 of the best alternatives to Couchtuner working in 2021. Although each site is tested to meet the necessary criteria, the future is nearly impossible to predict. In case you find trouble browsing any of these links, either opt for other options or simply use a VPN moving forward.

Disclaimer: We don’t support pirating any content, and this list is primarily for knowledge on classic streaming services. We also support the creators and help out the community and expect you will do the same.

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