Einthusan Alternatives : 16 Best websites like Enthusan in 2021

Einthusan is a well-known platform for watching movies online. From streaming in different languages to downloading them for online viewing, the platform offered everything that movie lovers wish for. Talking about different languages, Einthusan has been home to movies in Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.

The website provided individuals with a way to watch movies for free. Although ads are an integral part, skipping those through a paid subscription was also introduced to serve user convenience. Everything went smooth for a healthy period until the government decided to impose restrictions. Recently, Einthusan was accused of piracy, which is why accessing the official website is no more possible.

But that doesn’t necessarily need to halt your entertainment session. After days of research and trials, we’re here with the 16 best Einthusan alternatives for watching movies in 2021.

Einthusan alternatives


Youtube : Einthusan alternative

The first platform that we’ve out of the best working Einthusan alternatives in 2021 is YouTube. Yes, you read that right; thanks to the vast library of content available, YouTube can be a great place to watch movies. Finding movies in regional or in the Hindi language is relatively straightforward. Also, watching any movie or even downloading it from YouTube is a seamless process altogether. However, one thing that might let users down is the availability factor which means expecting to find every popular title might be a less probable case.

Main Features:

  • Flexible and straightforward user interface.
  • A vast library of videos and movies.
  • Videos are available in multiple qualities to watch (from 144p to
    even 4K)
  • Although everything is free, you can still rent or buy a movie that
    is not available for free binging.


Yupp TV - Einthusan alternative

YuppTV is an excellent alternative to Einthusan for watching movies in 2021. The platform is home to movies in different languages that extends from Hindi to Kannada via Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. YuppTV provides free services to its users for 90 days to watch their favourite movies for free. Once the trial period is over, all that they’ll need to do is buy the YuppTV subscription and continue to use the services.

Main Features:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • The platform has a collection of movies in Hindi and other
    regional languages.
  • Quality streaming with friendly download options.
  • Browsing along with the list is made simple in YuppTV, all thanks to
    the intelligent organization according to different genres.
  • This Einthusan alternative also allows users to watch TV Shows and
    enjoy Live TV.
Yupp TV


Sony LIV - Einthusan alternative

Another popular platform for watching movies and TV shows, SonyLIV, is a streaming website owned by Sony. The platform bags a long list of movies produced in the Bollywood and Tollywood industries. Whether horror, drama, action, or comedy is the genre you’re after, the library of SonyLIV won’t disappoint you in any respect. Moreover, the platform brings an excellent solution for users to watch various live TV channels. All these and more make SonyLIV an effective alternative to Einthusan.

Main Features:

  • Movies are sorted into different sections, making them easy for
    users to find.
  • The entire library consists of media that covers movies, TV shows,
    and news.
  • Allows users to experience everything in high quality.
  • Indeed, a great platform for all sports and WWE lovers.
Visit Sony LIV

Jio Cinema

JioCinema - Einthusan alternative

As the name suggests, Jio Cinema is a subscription-based platform owned by Jio where users can watch various movies in Hindi, Bengali, Kannard, Telugu, and other languages. Although it might not seem like an exciting option, Jio Cinema is a great alternative to Einthusan, especially for users who run Jio Connection. The services in this platform are free for every Jio user, which means they can access the library for free.

Main Features:

  • User-friendly browsing option.
  • High-quality content
  • Available in both app and web format for convenient access.
  • Free to use service for anyone who has an active Jio connection.
Jio Cinema


HotStar - Einthusan alternative

Moving forward with our list of best Einthusan alternatives, we’ve hot Hotstar lined up next. Popularly known as Disney+ Hotstar, the platform is home to content that exceeds over 200,00 hours of watch time. From movies to TV shows, from cartoons to live sports streaming, Hotstar is among the most highly used platform in South Asian countries. Disney+ Hotstar bags free and paid content. However, the majority of the movies
are available for a free watching session.

Main Features:

  • A massive library of movies across different languages.
  • The platform sees regular updates to make sure users get the taste
    of the latest content.
  • The quality of the content rests on the higher end with flexible
    offline viewing options.
  • The premium services bring home a number of American TV shows and
    popular titles from Hollywood.
Visit HotStar


Voot - Einthusan alternative

For anyone with an exceptional taste for popular TV channels MTV, Colors, and Nickelodeon looking for an alternative to Einthusan, look no further. Voot is an amazing subscription-based platform that hosts a number of Hindi movies. Also, as mentioned before, the platform gifts users with exclusive content from MTV, including the popular TV shows Roadies, Splitsvilla and more.

Main Features:

  • Clean user-interface.
  • Offers easy navigation.
  • Great collection of Hindi movies with a decent number of regional
    contents as well.
Visit Voot


Zee5 - Einthusan alternative

Zee5 is like a piece of good news for all the movie lovers out there. Hosting a number of movies, TV Shows, and video content, Zee5 is among those alternatives to Einthusan, which offers the user two different choices. By two choices, I mean to say that you can either choose to limit yourself withing the free things to watch or simply can unlock premium features by buying a subscription. Talking about movies, in particular, the platform has a pretty handsome collection of classic and latest titles in Hindi and other regional languages.

Main Features:

  • Very simple and straightforward to use.
  • The content across the platform is categorized in a very
    user-friendly manner.
  • Besides regional and Hindi content, you can access blockbusters from
    Hollywood as well.


Hungama - Einthusan alternative

Hungama is a web and app-based platform that has been around for quite some time now. No matter if you’re looking for an Einthusan alternative just to watch movies or add a solution to access popular TV shows, kids’ content, and even music, Hungama is a great choice. From Bollywood to Hollywood via Tollywood, from Telegu to Malayalam via Hindi, the content in this platform is as vivid as you can wish for. 

Main Features:

  • A great hub for movies, videos, and music.
  • Content across this website is available in all major languages.
  • Hungama allows users to download movies for offline viewing.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video - Einthusan alternative

Amazon Prime Video is an alternative to Einthusan that doesn’t offer free content. However, considering the content that you can find over this platform, every money spent is worth it. No matter if you wish to use your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or smart TV for watching your favourite movie, the platform will help you do that in the most flexible manner. Similar to Einthusan, finding movies and Tv shows in different languages is pretty evident in Amazon Prime Video. While to be honest, the library size is way bigger than what Einthusan offers.

Main Features:

  • A vast library for keeping yourself busy.
  • Allows high-quality streaming.
  • Flexible downloading options.
  • Brings Amazon Prime Exclusive content.
Amazon Prime Video

Airtel Xtreme

Airtel Xtreme - Einthusan alternative

Compared to Jio Cinema, Airtel Xtreme is an alternative to Einthusan designed to serve the entertainment needs of all Airtel service users. The platform comes with a healthy collection of movies and TV shows. Airtel Xtreme features content over 15 regional languages that stretch user convenience to a great extent. This Einthusan alternative also marks a promising way to watch live TV channels that revolve around every user taste.

Main Features:

  • Modern yet simple to use interface.
  • Great collection of movies and TV shows.
  • Offers Hollywood content alongside movies in Hindi and other
    regional languages.
Visit Airtel Xtreme

MX Player

MXPlayer - Einthusan alternative

With MX Player, you’re looking at another fantastic Einthusan alternative that has gained a considerable amount of popularity in recent times. From movies and TV shows in English and Hindi to the ones in Tamil, Telugu, and other regional languages, you can find it all here. The entire library is well optimized to serve user convenience in the best possible way. The only disrupting thing is ads, though, however
considering the free nature, ads are something obvious to come across.

Main Features:

  • Well optimized to help you find your favourite title seamlessly.
  • Home to some exclusive content.
MX Player

Eros Now

Eros now - Einthusan alternative

With a user base of over 100 million, Eros Now is one of India’s popular streaming service providers. Hosting one of the most extensive collections of Indian movies across Hindi and other languages, Eros Now is an efficient Einthusan alternative to look at. The available content in this platform spreads over Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujrati, Telugu, and Malayalam languages.

Main Features:

  • Offers regional movies and videos to watch in high definition.
  • The platform supports viewing on any kind of device, whether
    Smartphone of Android TV, Roku or Chromecast.
Eros Now


Netflix - Einthusan alternative

No need for a real introduction; Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms out there in 2021. Dominating the industry for the past few years, Netflix has all the elements that can keep users engaged. From quality to quantity, this platform doesn’t leave any stones unturned in entertaining an individual. Although listed as an alternative to Einthusan, Netflix, to be honest, is superior to any other option you have. Whether you consider the library size or the update frequency, almost everything about Netflix will outrun every other movie streaming platform, and Einthusan is no exception.

Main Features:

  • Comes with a humongous library.
  • Home to original TV Series, movies and documentaries that you’ll
    find nowhere else.
  • Provides fast and high-quality streaming services.
  • The content in the platform can be watched on any smart device.

Honorable Mentions

123 Movies

123Movies - Einthusan alternative

Having talked about the popular alternatives to Einthusan, let us now look at a few of the amazing platforms that you might not be aware of. Starting off, we’ve 123 Movies. It is a promising streaming website like Enthusan. The platform brings quality content to your home. From action to thriller, from comedy to horror, you’ll find movies across different genres that are absolutely free for you to access

Main Features:

  • Watch all your favourite movies in different languages for free.
  • The entire content library that sits across the website is designed
    to meet diversified needs.
  • The website sees regular updates for fresh content.
  • Finding the movie, you want to watch is easy with this amazing
    Einthusan alternative.
123 Movies

F Movies

Fmovies - Einthusan alternative

For the endless hours of entertainment, F Movies is the most promising choice. Home to a vast library, getting hold of the movie that will keep you engaged all day long is easy with this Einthusan alternative. This
platform is popularly known for bagging classic blockbusters. However, if you wish to watch the latest release, it will not disappoint either. One of the best things about the Einthusan alternative is how every movie is categorized on the basis of genre and language. Because of that, there is no wasting time in submerging yourself in the entire sea of content for finding the desired one.

Main Features:

  • With F Movies, you’ll get movies in any language.
  • Serves excellent user experience. 
  • Great free platform for watching movies with no disturbances.
F Movies


Soap2day - Einthusan alternative

Soap2day is definitely one best Einthusan alternatives to watch movies in 2021. The platform hosts a collection of movies and Tv shows that doesn’t require any sort of registration. Also, Soap2day is home to a clean and interactive interface to make sure everything within the website is flawless. In other words, the web-based platform is built to help binge-watchers satisfy their viewing experience in a manner that pleases them the most.

Main Features:

  • Bags a collection of movies and TV shows in high definition.
  • No registration, no account creation
  • Features daily updates to make sure users are served with fresh
    content every time.
  • Soap2day allows users to make movie requests.

Frequently Asked Questions**

Is Einthusan Blocked in India?

Recently Indian government has blocked Einthusan services. As a result of which, accessing the official website is no more possible. However, there are still a number of mirror sites with which users can unblock and use the services of Enthusan. 

Note: We don’t recommend any kind of violation, which is why we’ve compiled the list of best Einthusan alternatives that are legal and working in India.

Is Einthusan Safe?

Einthusan is a website that is safe to browse along. The thing that led to its ban was piracy issues. However, one thing that might list unsafe with Einthusan is the fishy advertisements. We thus recommend you stay out from clicking on those.

Is Einthusan Free?

Yes, streaming and downloading movies in Einthusan doesn’t require anything out of your pocket. However, they also have a one-time fee service in which you can get rid of ads and have a seamless viewing experience. All you need to do for that is register yourself and pay the fee. Once done, there will be no annoying ads anymore.

Einthusan Downloader: Is it legit?

Due to the prevailing popularity of Einthusan, many fraudulent websites are trying to mislead users towards a dedicated downloaded. But in reality, none of these is legit. So, make sure you’re aware and avoiding clicking links or visiting those kinds of websites.

Final Words

This wraps up our list of best alternatives to Einthusan. All the ones mentioned are safe to use and can help you in fantastic movie-watching sessions. 

Do you think we missed any? In that case, make sure to let us know and
point out the alternative that worked out best for you.

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend pirating any movies or shows, and this list is only for knowledgeable purposes.

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