Hibernate one to many mapping example

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Tutorial Content:

In this example we will see how to implement one to many relationship using annotations.
Lets take example of Country and state.One Country can have n number of states.Following is relationship diagram among them.

Now to create above tables in database, you need to create two java files i.e. Country.java and State.java.

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Country class will be used to create COUNTRY table in database.
Create Country.java in src->org.arpit.javapostsforlearning.

The @OneToMany annotation is used to create the one-to-many relationship between the Country and State entities. The @JoinTable annotation is used to create the COUNTRY_STATE link table and @JoinColumn annotation is used to refer the linking columns in both the tables.


State class will be used to create STATE table in database.
Create State.java in src->org.arpit.javapostsforlearning.


Create a file named “hibernate.cfg.xml” in src folder.

4.Main Class:

Project Struture:

5.Run it:

When you run it,you will get following output.

6.SQL output:

COUNTRY table in database

STATE table in database

COUNTRY_STATE table is created to link above two tables.

Source code:

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