Top 7 benefits of AWS certification

AWS certification

We are living in an era which is completely dominated by cloud computing. Majority of Businesses around the world have adopted cloud computing and have shifted or are shifting there on premises infrastructures to cloud.

When it comes to cloud computing, the very first thing that strikes our mind is Amazon Web Services or AWS. AWS undoubtedly is sole leader of cloud computing world due its compliance with cloud computing models like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Dominance of AWS can be seen from the fact that it holds 30% of cloud market share, which is 3 times to its nearest competitor MS Azure standing at 9%. Hold on, it’s not over yet, AWS alone revenue is more then combined revenue of next three in line cloud service provider which are MS Azure, IBM and Google.

AWS launched its certification model to validate knowledge of professionals against industry every changing standards. Trends are always changing and one will learn nothing if he keeps on following trends. Before jumping into AWS certification one should learn what are benefits associated with this certification. As of 2017, AWS offers the following tier of certification and which certification to choose depends upon your interest, nature of job and future plans.

Having understanding of how big AWS is and which certification it is offering, let’s have a look at some benefits of AWS certification which as an AWS certified professional you can acquire

1. Cloud is the Future

Just like clouds are everywhere on the sky likewise cloud computing is in every office these days. There is nothing in technology world which can’t be done on cloud. As a cloud giant, AWS offers everything from hosting a small website to running a full fledge data center. There are many web hosting companies which are providing AWS hosting with their managed platforms, Cloudways is one of the best cutting-edge managed cloud hosting provider. The Cloudways platform’s has powerful features which makes it an excellent choice for small & medium-sized businesses with a limited budget.

One of biggest reason for having a cloud certification like AWS certification is that Cloud Computing is a technology that has evolved and will remain for some time. Companies are willing to invest more and more into it as it is becoming secure, cheap and easy to access. It is predicted that by 2020 cloud will be a default model and companies with non cloud infrastructure will cease to exists. So if you are student or a fresh graduate its best time to get AWS certification to secure your future.

2. Need for Skilled AWS Expert

With rise in cloud computing there will be more demand of skilled professionals who can work on AWS. AWS revenue for first quarter of 2017 is 3.66 Billion USD, which is 42% higher than first quarter of 2016, which is 2.57 Billion USD. AWS is having data centers across 11 different countries and is powering hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries including 600 government organizations. Moreover companies that are providing AWS solutions are in thousands. With such massive growth there will be shortage of skilled cloud architect, engineer and developers to handle massive work. Having AWS certification will be a stamp for your readiness to accept complex challenges related to AWS.

3. A Good Thing for Resume 

An AWS certification at your resume will be your first positive impact on your employer to whom you are Appling for job. Though it may not guarantee a job but it will defiantly help your resume in crossing many barriers till it reaches the interview table. Since almost all companies providing AWS solutions need certified AWS architect, developer and system admin for various posts, having AWS certification is vital for positions related to AWS.

4. A Rise in Pay

AWS is widely recognized as top certification in terms of pay for year 2017 by Global knowledge and KnowledgeNet. If you are looking for a certification in year 2017, AWS will be one of your things to do in year 2017. With AWS certification you can significantly boost your pay which is not possible without having it. Apart from that having AWS certification can give you edge over your colleagues who don’t have that.

5. More Opportunities

As more and more business is shifting towards cloud, there will be more job opportunities for AWS professionals. Employers apart from experience also demand certification from candidates. If you have done AWS certification, no of jobs you can apply can increase from 5 to 10. If you looking for a job in a company which is working on AWS projects then there is a slim chance of getting that job if you don’t have necessary AWS certification

6. A Plus for Freelancer

Freelancers equipped with AWS certification can acquire more online projects as AWS certification can satisfy their clients biggest fear of whether a freelancer is capable enough of working on AWS technology.

AWS provides you with digital badges, these digital badges remain valid as long as you certification is valid. These badges are compliant with open badges standard. You can post them on you social media accounts and also use them as signature. This will help you market yourself online to people who are looking for online resources.

7. Benefits for Employer

Companies with having AWS certified professionals can become member of AWS Partner Network (APN), which offer numerous benefits like concession on trainings, AWS usage support and many more. APN is a sort of certification for a company and companies having this can gain confidence of clients in getting AWS projects.

Companies working on AWS related projects need professionals that are AWS certified as that’s the best method available to judge someone ability to handle complex industry related cloud problems.

These are just few benefits which you can get if you are AWS certified, AWS is full fledge industry in itself and where it will stop is unknown.

AWS certification is no doubt worth spending your money and time. There are many advantages both as an individual and as employee you can achieve from these certifications. Being Certified depicts that you have invested time and money into AWS and shows your seriousness towards this technology. Ignoring this cool industry will make you very much irrelevant in today’s dynamically moving world.


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