AngularJS Built-In filter examples

We need to display output data in some other formats many times . For example: You need to display currency with the number. AngularJS provides many inbuilt filter for this purpose.
AngularJS filters are used to format data in views. “|” symbol is used to apply filter.
AngularJS filter can be applied in two ways

  • On AngularJS directives
  • On AngularJS expressions
Lets see some of inbuilt filters here.

Filter on expressions


This filter is used to change format of text to uppercase.



This filter is used to change format of text to lowercase.

Output:hello from java2blog !!!


This filter is used to format number into currency.

Output:Cost is $500.00


limitTo is used to display limited number of charcters

Hello !!!


Date is used to format dates in specific formats

Output:Today ‘s date : 02/04/2016

Filter on directives


This filter is use to order by column in the table.


It is used to filter data from array or list
AngularJS filter example

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