Struts 2 ajax example


This is 7 of 8 part of struts 2 tutorial.In this tutorial we will see how we can use ajax in our webApplication in struts 2 framework.

Tutorial Content:

Ajax Support in struts 2:

Struts 2 provides in-built support to ajax using dojo toolkit library. It comes with dojo ajax APIs which you can use to support ajax.For ajax support you need to add following jar to your classpath struts2-dojo-plugin.jar.
AutoCompleter Example:
Create project named “autoCompleteInStruts2”.For configuring struts 2 in your eclipse ide please refer configuring struts 2 link.
We will create textbox which will autocomplete and suggest input.
Project structure:

Action class :

Create action class named under package org.arpit.javaPostsForLearning in src folder. It will get called for our AutoCompleter example.
copy following content to


We will create one jsp named “autoComplete.jsp” under WebContent folder.
Copy following code into autoComplete.jsp
Now here <%@taglib uri="/struts-dojo-tags" prefix="sx"%> is a directive used in jsp for including dojo ajax tag files.
tag is used for having textbox or dropdown in jsp. So on writing few characters it will show you relevant options. In this,showDownArrow property indicates whether to show dropdown or not. Here we are setting it to false so that we will get textbox same as we see on google.


There will be no major changes in struts.xml .It will be same type of url action mapping
Create struts.xml in src folder.
Copy following content in struts.xml


It will be also same as in previous posts.
Copy following content in web.xml.

Run Application:

Right click on project->run as->run on server.

copy http://localhost:8080/autoCompleteInStruts2/AutoComplete link to  browser and press enter
we will get following screen.

Enter ‘m’ in textbox and we will get following screen.

Extending above example :

We will extend above example such that when we click submit on autocomplete.jsp,we will be directed to welcome page for submitted state.

Adding another action file:

Create new action file named “”
copy following code in
 so in autoComplete.jsp add action=”welcomeTostate” in tag.

Adding new JSP file:

create new jsp file in Webcontent folder named “WelcomeToState.jsp”
copy following code to WelcomeToState.jsp.
 Now in struts2.xml in tag add following action mapping

Run application again:

Follow above steps(under run application heading) for running application.
Choose Maharastra and click on submit

Source code:

click to begin
6MB .zip

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