Top 5 online programming courses you can take to improve your career


The beauty of programming is that you are as good as your programming skills. Learning programming languages hold many benefits. Programmers are highly sought out and their skills are valued by most companies. But there is more to programming than employability. When you learn how to program, you open new doors for yourself. You could create web applications or even design games. Online programming courses are useful because they help people learn new skills every day without having to quit their jobs. With the onset of these programming courses, students can learn from leading experts all over the world.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 online programming courses that can be taken to improve in your career.

1.Java Training Course

Java programming is a useful skill to have if you want to specialize in back-end programming. Java is learnt and loved by many because it is easier to use when compared to C++ and at the same time, offers more coding flexibility as well. Additionally, a foundation in Java is mandatory when learning how to build Android applications. This means that a knowledge of Java is necessary to build mobile applications. When dealing with Java, students must learn how to code and not just memorize the principles of Java programming. We recommend this Java course that comes with an interactive online training so students can communicate their doubts with instructors in class. The course is designed to integrate beginner and advanced concepts, so it is suitable for those without experience as well as those who want to strengthen their coding skills. The experts who have designed this programming course understand that coding is more about practice than just learning the theory and so provide students access to the Java Eclipse IDE platform so students can practice skills while being taught in the virtual classrooms.

2. Angular Certification Training Course

Angular is a front-end programming tool that is used by web designers to build creative landing pages. This software allows programmers to use its extensive library to build codes. This means that coders will now be able to give complex instructions using smaller lines of codes. This feature makes this extremely valuable to software professionals. Fewer lines of code mean fewer chances of coding error and higher rate of control over the implementation of the code. Angular is maintained by Google as well as a community of experts who help programmers make webpages more dynamic and therefore add more features to it. According to Libscore, Angular is actively used in more than 12,000 websites, including forbes, livejournal and abcnews. Online programming courses like this one help you master the principles of Angular 2. After enrolling in this course, you will be able to use Typescript and Bootstrap Grid Systems to make easy work of creating mobile-oriented web-pages.

3. Node.js Certification Training

Node.js is an open-source platform that allows programmers to integrate front-end programs like JavaScript into back-end applications without having to translate the language to the server-side framework. This platform makes use of Google’ V8 engine so programmers can build scalable applications. In 2016, Node.js was downloaded around 180 million times. This trend is reflective of the increasing popularity of this platform.
NodeJS is especially used for real-time applications like live chats and online streaming applications. The Node JS course featured here is available online and is designed by experienced programming experts. This programming course equips you with the skills needed to build scalable and adaptable web applications. This course includes 3 real-life, industry-based projects so developers can learn how to apply their skills in a practical setting.

4. Full Stack Web Developer – MEAN Stack

The MEAN stack is a collection of JavaScript based technologies. The MEAN in the MEAN stack is an acronym for Mongo DB, ExpressjS, AngularJS and Node.JS. An important feature of the MEAN Stack is that programmers need to be proficient in just one language – JavaScript. Simplilearn offers a MEAN stack course that is meant for developers who want to add to their current skill set. An advantage of taking this programming course is that it trains you on all 4 components of the MEAN Stack. Students who complete this course will be comfortable with both frontend and backend programming technologies. This training helps students be adept of creating all aspects of a web application from the first to last. Take this course to begin your career as a full-stack web developer and get ahead in your career.

5. Selenium Certification Training Course

The Selenium software is a framework that automates testing for web applications. This software helps programmers in several ways including running tests using commonly used languages like C and Java. Versions of Selenium also allow programmers to run tests remotely and across different browsers and systems. Proficiency in Selenium is a useful skill to have when programmers are looking to become quality testers. According to Payscale, people who are certified in Selenium testing earn about $95,000 per year. Given the importance placed on automation in the present programming scene, it is no surprise that companies are also looking to automate their testing process. This Selenium course online is designed by industry experts and includes a Java refresher course as well as a Java essential course. Students who take this programming course will be able to gain hands-on experience with Selenium Grid as well as learn the principles behind Appium. This means that programmers will be able to test desktop as well mobile applications.

To Wrap it up

When you learn how to program online, the sky’s the limit. Whatever programming language you may choose to learn, it is important to remember that it is important to keep updating your skills to remain relevant to the market requirements. The programming courses mentioned above are designed to add value to your CVs and careers.


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