Top 5 Java Online Training Courses


Java is a multi-purpose computer programming language that a lot of people are familiar with, even if they do not have training in big data and data science. Java software runs on a lot of devices ranging from laptops to game consoles. Its importance in data science makes it a critical discipline to receive certification in.
These are the top five Java courses available online:
1. Simplilearn’s Java, SOA and Java EE Training

This Java training course enables students to learn the advanced and concepts of core Java and Java EE. Students can get acquainted with frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate and understand SOA through a comprehensive online training program. This course is suitable for web developers, Java developers, database administrators and college students.

Students who take this course will have lifetime access to 48 hours of interactive online training, hands-on coding experience on the Java Eclipse IDE as well as a certificate for course completion. The course is available in both individual and business packages. Individuals can access the Online Classroom Flexi-Pass while businesses have the Corporate Training Solutions. The course on Simplilearn is instructed by certified and highly-qualified professionals with more than a decade of experience in Java implementation.

2. UC San Diego’s Java Programming

The University of California San Diego Extension’s Java Programming course covers fundamental and advanced Java concepts.
In this course, students learn how to write simple object-oriented programs as well as evaluate the costs and benefits of Java development. Students are not just taught the theories of Java programming, but also how to apply these principles in real-world situations.

Those who are preparing for the Oracle Java certification exam will find this course useful as it trains them on the concepts covered in the exam.

This course is not an introductory course and students are recommended to enroll in this course only if they have completed a basic programming course.

3. Developing Android Apps using Java – (CreativeLive/O’Reilly)

We live in the age of smartphones. People own smartphones that are more functional than feature phones. Nearly 80% of smartphones in the world use the Android operating system. Java is the programming language used in the development of Android mobile applications. This course will walk learners through the basics of Android development and train them on how to develop mobile apps.

The course is separated into Part 1 and Part 2. The first part of the course has 35 training videos while the second part has 31 class videos. Each part costs about $99. It is advisable for students to go through both parts of training to obtain an enriched learning experience. The course also includes code snippets and slide presentations. This training is ideal for those who are interested in developing their own apps on the Android platform and taking advantage of the expanding Smartphone market.
4. Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals Specialization – Duke University and Coursera

A Java specialization is offered by the Duke University in collaboration with Coursera. This specialization consists of 5 courses that train students on the practical application of Java in real-life situations. In this specialization, students will learn to use CSS and HTML ids to style Java programs and solve complex problems using programming methods. At the end of this course, students take part in simulation programs in which they will have to run recommender systems based on Netflix. The materials and training offered in this specialization is free of cost and students need to pay to get a verified certificate.

5. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Introduction to Mobile Application Development using Android course

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology offers an Introduction to Mobile Application Development using Android course in tandem with Edx. This course is for those who are familiar with the Java programming and want to add Android development to their portfolio. The lessons are simple and clear which makes it easier for learners to grasp the course contents. The training in this course can be availed free of cost. However, students want to get certified must pay $99 for the certificate.

Considering the incredible growth of Java over the last few years, more professionals need to seek expert training in it. Professional training gives students the ability to develop quality applets and view coding problems from multiple perspectives.


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