Top 20 Java Projects for Beginners

Java projects for beginners

In this article, we will have a look at top 20 free java projects for beginners which every Java programmer should try to have some experience in building projects. If you are a beginner in Java, who is rather skeptical about venturing out on your own, the project topics in this guide have been handpicked specifically for you.

It is important to build projects as it is the only way to know whether you have a practical grasp of the theory you’ve studied. If you are able to translate this in practical then it will give you the opportunity to prepare yourself for a job. So without further ado let us look at these projects, we have ranked them accordingly with respect to their level from Easy to Medium to Difficult.

Basic Java Projects for beginners (Type – Easy)

1. Currency Converter in Java using Swing

This is one of the most basic project and a beginner can try this project to get familiar with Swing too. It will also help to learn how to design a basic Application with UI which given a currency value converts it into another currency and displays it.

You can refer the code here: Currency Converter.

2. Temperature Converter in Java using Swing

This project is similar to currency converter. Here, you can use following units for temperature conversions.

  • Celsius
  • Fahrenheit
  • Kelvin
  • Rankine
  • Reaumur

You can refer the GitHub repository of the project here to view the design and code: Temperature convertor

3. Calculator in Java using Swing

This is also among the basic projects every beginner should lay his hand upon to implement this. To build the UI of the calculator we use Swing in Java and using the application window it becomes easier to design the Interface. This a fun Project rather than an easier one to start with.

You can refer the GitHub repository of the project here to view the design and code: Calculator Project (Go to src-> main-> to view the main class)

4. Digital watch in java

This is one of the simple java projects for beginners.
You need to create digital clock using swing API. You can use swing widgets such as JFrame, JPanel, JButtons. You can derive current time in String format from Calendar class and use it to display using Swing.

You can refer the GitHub repository of the project here to view the design and code: Digital clock

Management System Projects (Core Java)

5. Course Fee Report Management System using Swing, MySQL and JDBC.

Now, this is a medium level project along with core java concepts one must also be clear with JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) and to use MySQL or know how to write and execute queries in SQL. The Frontend of this project is done in Swing and the Backend to store data MySQL Database Server is used. The snapshots of the project and code can be downloaded and viewed from here: Fee Report Management System.

6. Employee Management System

This project is same as above regarding the tools and technologies used like Swing and MySQL as our database. This will give an overview of design of every employee database in an organization. It is a very common Management System to start with, you can imagine and add functionalities accordingly to extend this project.

The Project description and code can be viewed here: Employee Management Project

7. Library Management System

There are still some applications in real life which use Java for implementing this. In a gist, this allows creating a system where all the information regarding books and borrower’s records can be stored and retrieved electronically using a database. You can make this project not only only for students but for general purpose as well. The Requirements are Swing, JDBC and MySQL. The project Description can be viewed here: Library Management System.

8. Inventory Management System

This Project also guides you to develop a basic Management System for an Inventory handling a wide range of products including a section for customers to maintain Customer as well as Product records. Along with for a user there is a separate section to view and add products according to their preferences.

The Project code and tutorial is given here: Inventory Management.

Billing System Projects

9. Hotel Billing System

This project is a billing system type where we can register a person as a hotel lodger and calculate the billing amount for his stay and any meal privileges if ordered. The Application is made in Swing and the database is MySQL. This is a basic overview of how a Billing System works. For more description on the project view it here: Hotel Billing System

10. Electricity Billing System (Type -Medium)

As soon as you get finished with the above billing system, you can move to creating an electricity billing system to get more practice. This Java project allows for the units of electricity consumed to be electronical, Calculations are precise and made in real-time. For further description refer here : Electricity Billing

Game development

11. Number guessing game in java

This is fun and easy game to implement.
Here are the rules of the game:

  • Player has to guess number between a range
  • When player guesses any number and it does not match with expected number, then it will provide feedback whether guessed number is greater or less than the expected number.
  • Player will get limited attempts to guess the number

Here is the java code for Number guessing game in java.


Welcome to Number guessing Game
You Will Be Asked To Guess A Number To Win The Game
You have Maximum 5 Attemp Limit
Enter a guess number between 1 to 100


Your Guess Number is Smaller.
Enter a guess number between 1 to 100
Your Guess Number is Smaller.
Enter a guess number between 1 to 100
Your Guess Number is Greater.
Enter a guess number between 1 to 100
Your Guess Number is Smaller.
Enter a guess number between 1 to 100
Your Number is right. You Win the Game!

12. Snake game

Did you play snake game in nokia phones. Goal of game is to eat the food without touching the sides of the screen. Each time, snake eats the food, score will be updated. The game will end when you touch the boundary of the screen.
For further description refer here : Snake game in java

13. Brick breaker game

Object of brick breaker game is to break the bricks that are the top of the game screen. When bricks get broken after touching the ball, ball bounces around the screen. At the bottom, paddle moves as per user input and you need to make sure that ball bounces on paddle without going to bottom of the screen, otherwise you will lose the game.
For further description refer here : Ball breaker game in java

Web Application Based Projects

14. Company Mailer Project ( J2EE,Servlet)

This project is of Type Medium if you have attempted any of the above Management and Billing projects. It won’t be difficult to design this the above project would lay the base for this. There are some other Technologies used like Servlet and basic HTML/CSS is also required to be known. This will be a web application based project, so we need a server to run this project like: Apache Tomcat/JBoss/Glassfish. Each user can send mails, receive mails and delete mails after getting logged in. For further details on the project : Company Mailer System.

15. Online Book Store

Now, having moved to developing web based applications, this is a good project to try on . It is another Servlet based project with frontend designed using HTML,CSS and JavaScript so it will be better to learn their basic fundamentals just for designing the User Interface. The project code and other requirements can be viewed here: Online Book Store Website .

16. Online Pharmacy Store

This can be another adaptation to the above project. Instead of Servlet here we use JSP (Java Server Page) for the frontend along with JavaScript and AJAX . So it is recommended to learn about Advanced Java Technologies first. You can view the Project here: Pharmacy Project.

17. Transport Company Project

It is an online transport management system which maintains all the information about any vehicle that is administered in a transport company including the details: the vehicle’s owner, contact number and the Insurance details that is provided by the company. The technologies required are same as above. To view the project and download refer: Transport Company.

18. Chat Application using Web-Socket in Spring-Boot (Type -Difficult)

If you have completed the above web application based projects then it is time to lay hands on what the world deals in while developing applications in Java. Spring is a very common framework used today to build Java Web Applications, it is a bit complex than Servlet, JSP but the internal working are same. This is an Interesting project where you will develop a Chat Room Application using Spring and Spring-Boot. So, it is recommended to learn Spring boot before proceeding. The project code and description is given : Spring-Boot Chat Application

19. Shopping Cart Application in Spring MVC

This is a simple project to give a overview of how a shopping cart works in real life. The implementation of this project is done using the Spring MVC architecture so learning Core Spring MVC principles is a must to proceed.

The tutorial along with the code can be viewed here: Shopping Cart App.

20. Coronavirus tracker app with Spring Boot

The above project was just a starter to the vast extent of Spring & Spring-Boot in developing applications. This project requires learning about Maven Plugins , Thymeleaf for the UI design along with Spring-Boot. This app will track the total number of Covid-19 cases around the globe based on a given data report.

The project tutorial and code can be viewed here: Covid-19 Tracker Application.

So, that’s about simple java projects for beginners. You can view the projects and the description related to them in the given links.

Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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