Java 8 Stream Map

Java 8 Stream map

In this post, we will see about Java 8 Stream map function.

stream‘s map method takes single element from input stream and produces single element to output stream. Type of Single input Stream and Output stream can differ.

Java 8 Stream Map function

Map function returns a stream consisting of the results of applying the given function to the elements of this stream.
Function is a functional interface available in Java 8 java.util.function.Function accepts one input and produce a result.

Few important points about Map

  • Map is intermediate operation and returns stream as a result.
  • Map operation takes Function as parameter and this function is called on each element of the stream.
  • Map() method is used to convert Stream to Stream
  • You can also use map method to convert it from Stream to Stream.
    For example: Calling toUppercase() method in Map method which will again return Stream.
  • Let’s understand with the help of a simple example.

    Java 8 Stream Map example

    Let’s say you have a list of employees, now you want to convert it to list of employee names, so you will map each employee object to employee name.

    Java 8 Stream map

    You will give input as Stream of employee objects and get an output as Stream of String.

    1. Create a class named

    2. Create main class named

    When you run above program, you will get below output:


    Here is logical representation of above program.
    You can use method reference to at line no.17 as below

    Another example

    Let’s say you have list of integers and you want to find sum of double of even numbers.

    When you run above program, you will get below output:


    If you notice, we have used map function to double of input number in above example.

    That’s all about Java 8 Stream map example.


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