How to install maven plugin(m2eclipse) in eclipse


Apache maven is a build automation tool used for java projects. It is widely used for building java projects now a days.

In this post, we will see how to install m2eclipse maven plugin for eclipse.

Steps for installing m2eclipse plugin in eclipse:

1) goto Help->Install new software.

 2) Click on add to add m2eclipse site.

3)  Fill Name and location as below
Name: m2eclipse
Location :

4) Select plugin which needs to be install for m2eclipse

5) select “I Agree to the terms of license agreement”

6) It will start installing m2eclipse plugin.

7) click on yes to restart eclipse for changes to reflect.

Bingo!! we are done with m2eclipse plugin installation in eclipse.
If you want to check maven plugin is installed or not. Follow below steps:

  • Go to Window –> Preferences
  • check whether Maven is enlisted at left panel

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