Find start node of loop in linkedlist in java

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In this post, we will see how to find start node of loop in linkedlist in java. We have already seen how to detect a loop in linkedlist in java. This is extension of that post.

Java Linked List Interview Programs:


It is quite easy to find starting node of loop in linkedlist.

  • Find meeting point of slowPointer and fastPointer.
  • set slowPointer to head node of linkedlist.
  • Move slowPointer and fastPointer both by one node.
  • The node at which slowPointer and fastPointer meets, will be starting node of loop.
You must be wondering how above approach will work.
Lets understand with help of example:
As per above diagram:

Distance travelled by slowPointer= A+B
Distance travelled by fastPointer= (A+B+C) + B =A+2B+C
Let speed of slow pointer be X , so speed of fast pointer will be 2*X
As per simple distance speed, time relation:
Hence if we set slowPointer to head and move both slowPointer and fastpointer by one node, they will meet at start node of loop.

Java code :

When you run above program, you will get following output:
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