• Calculator program in Python
    19 June

    Calculator program in Python

    A simple Calculator can be utilized to carry out the four basic arithmetic operations namely addition, division, multiplication, and subtraction depending on the input of the user. This tutorial demonstrates how to create a simple Calculator in Python. Using the while loop along with the if...else conditional statement. To implement a simple Calculator program in […]

  • 07 June

    Number guessing game in Python

    A number guessing game is a common mini-project for basic programmers who have a grasp on random number generation and conditional statements with iteration. The number guessing game is based on a concept where player has to guess a number between given range. If player guesses the expected number then player wins else player loose […]

  • Perfect number in Python
    31 May

    Perfect number program in Python

    According to number theory, a limb of pure mathematics that deals with integers, a Perfect Number can be defined as a positive integer whose value is equivalent to the sum of its proper positive divisors, excluding the number itself (alternatively known as aliquot sum). An example of a perfect number is the number 6, the […]