• 06 December

    Stack implementation in C++

    This article is about stack implementation using array in C++. Stack as an Abstract data Type Stack is an ordered data structure to store datatypes in LIFO (Last In First Out) order. That means the element which enters last is first to exit(processed). It’s like a tower of concentric rings kept one over other. Of […]

  • 22 October

    Binary search in C++

    This article is about binary search and its implementation in C++. What is Binary Search? The word ‘Binary’ actually refers to ‘two’. So, it’s anticipatable that there will be something related to ‘two’. In case of linear search, we start from the beginning of an array and keep checking gradually. Now, there may be cases […]

  • 19 October

    Breadth first search in C++

    Breath First Search is a graph traversal technique used in graph data structure. It goes through level-wise. Graph is tree like data structure. To avoid the visited nodes during the traversing of a graph, we use BFS. In this algorithm, lets say we start with node x, then we will visit neighbours of x, then […]