Rock Paper Scissors Game in Java

In this topic, we are going to learn a funtastic game Rock Paper Scissors. You may have played it during childhood. Let’s understand it by using simple steps. We will see Rock Paper Scissors Game implementation using Java.

It is a two player game and contains three main components Rock, Paper and Scissors. Each player has these components and simultaneously chooses either Rock, Paper, or Scissors. It has some rules like:

  1. Rock beats Scissors but loses to Paper.
  2. Paper beats Rock but loses to Scissors.
  3. Scissors beats Paper but loses to Rock.


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Let’s play with the Java program.


Welcome to Rock Paper Game!
Your’s Game partner is Computer.
Enter Your Move:

Your move is: ROCK
Computer move is: SCISSORS
You Win!
OOhhOO, Congratulations!!!

That’s all about Rock Paper Scissors Game in Java.

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