• 19 May

    Core Java tutorial

    This is the index post for Core Java tutorial for beginners as well as for experienced programmer. I have written Core Java tutorial from basic to advanced topics.It will definitely help you learn Java in the better way. Core Java tutorial import_contacts Chapter 1: Java Basics Introduction to Java Programming Java Hello World Program Object […]

  • 22 May

    this keyword in java with example

    this keyword in java is used to refer to current object or instance of class. It can be used in the constructor to call any other overloaded constructor but this keyword should be the first statement in the constructor. This keyword can be used for instance variables this keyword can be used to refer to the […]

  • 24 May

    Access modifiers in java

    The access modifiers in java define accessibility (scope) of variable, method, constructor or class. There are 4 types of access modifiers in java. You don’t have to explicitly put the default modifier.JVM will use default modifier if you do not provide Public, Private and Protected. Public access modifier Public modifier is accessible in the whole […]

  • 25 May

    Variables in java

    In this tutorial, we will see introduction to variables, declaration, and types. Introduction Variables in java is used to store values of elements while the program is executed. Java variables are nothing but memory location. It stores the values which can be manipulated by program. Variables in java are strongly typed hence they all must […]

  • 27 May

    Data types in java

    Data types in java  refer to type of data that can be stored in variable. As Java is strongly typed language, you need to define datatype of variable to use it and you can not assign incompatible datatype otherwise the compiler will give you an error. int d=”Hello” The compiler will give you an error […]

  • 27 May

    Object and Class in java

    In this post, we will learn about Object and class in java. As Java is an object-oriented programming language, we need to design our program using Objects and classes. Object: An entity that has state and behavior may be termed as Object. For example: Employee has a state with name, age, and department, and behavior […]

  • 28 May

    Java Hello World Program

    In this post, we will see how to write first java program. This post is intended only for java beginner. hello world program will be a very simple program that will print Hello, World! to console. Before running the program, you need to make sure java is properly installed on your machine. Prerequisite for running […]

  • 28 May

    Introduction to Java Programming

    Java is one of the most used programming languages in the world for developing desktop application and web application. It has completed 22 years in the programming world. History of Java: Java programming language was developed by James Ghosling, Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan at Sun Microsystems Inc. in 1991. The initial name was Oak but […]