• Question mark in java
    20 May

    Question mark operator in java

    Learn about Question mark operator in java. It is also know as ternary operator.

  • 27 December

    what does += mean in java

    Learn about += operation in java. It is also known as compound addition assignment operator.

  • 29 March

    Modulo operator in java

    In this post, we will see about modulo or modulus operator in java. Modulo operator(%) is used to find the remainder when one integer is divided by another integer. Modulo operator Syntax [crayon-62c234da9e5dc543784266/] We can’t use modulo with any other data type other than int. If we use it with other data types, it will […]

  • 22 March

    XOR operator in java

    In this tutorial, we will see about XOR operator in java. XOR operator or exclusive OR takes two boolean operands and returns true if two boolean operands are different. XOR operator can be used when both the boolean conditions can’t be true simultaneously. Here is truth table for XOR operator. Let’s say you have Person […]