• 01 May

    How to sort HashMap in java by keys and values

    HashMap does not preserve order of element but what if you want to sort it by keys or values. In this post, we will see how to sort HashMap by keys or values. Java HashMap tutorial: HashMap in java HashMap internal working hash and indexfor method in HashMap hashcode and equals in java sort HashMap […]

  • 03 June

    Convert HashMap to ArrayList in java

    In this post, we will see how to convert HashMap to ArrayList in java. Many times, you need to store keys or values into ArrayList or Store HashMap’s Node objects in ArrayList. HashMap and ArrayList both are the most used data structure in java and both have different Hierarchy. Here are the ways to convert […]

  • 04 May

    How HashMap works in java

    Most common interview questions are <code>How HashMap works in java</code>, “How get and put method of HashMap work internally”. Here I am trying to explain internal functionality with an easy example. [crayon-6103c6751d2b3635782135-i/]  is one of the most used Collections in java.Rather than going through theory, we will start with example first, so that you will […]