• Remove element by value from vector in C++
    07 February

    Remove element by value in vector in C++

    In this post, we will see how to remove element by value in vector in C++. Vectors are a highly recognized concept and are widely used in the world of C++ programming. Vectors are flexible and are utilized in both easy and complex codes. This tutorial focuses on and demonstrates the different ways available to […]

  • Catch all exceptions in C++
    10 February

    Catch All Exceptions in C++

    In this article, we will see how to catch all exceptions in C++. Exception Handling in C++ An exception is an error condition that occurs when a program is running and causes it to crash. It can be due to accessing an out of index element from an array, dividing a number by 0, and […]

  • Exit program in C++
    31 January

    Exit program in C++

    In this post, we will see how to exit program in C++. This post will also cover following topics. How to end program in C++. How to close program in C++. Exit program in C++ A program terminates when the final line of code executes. This also frees up the allocated resources. However, at times […]

  • Round to 2 decimal places in C++
    25 January

    Round to 2 decimal places in C++

    Representing Decimal Numbers in C++ In C++, we can use float and double datatypes to represent decimal numbers. Each type has a specific size and range. The float type can have six digits precision at maximum and require four bytes of memory. The double type can have fifteen digits precision and need eight bytes of […]

  • Wait for User Input in C++
    08 February

    Wait for User Input in C++

    Pausing a Program to Wait for User Input in C++ In this tutorial, we will discuss different methods to wait for user input in C++. To implement this, we will get some user input in the middle of the program using different functions. Waiting for user input will pause the execution of the program. Wait […]

  • Fill array with random numbers c++
    19 January

    Fill Array With Random Numbers in C++

    IN this post, we will see how to fill array with random number in C++. Arrays are the most commonly used data structures in the programming domain. We use arrays to store values of the same data type together at contiguous memory locations. In C++, we can create arrays of different data types in a […]

  • Convert ASCII to char in C++
    15 January

    Convert ASCII to Char in C++

    The characters are represented using integers in most of the encoding standards. Therefore, we can convert the characters to the integers and integers to the characters. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It is a character encoding scheme that we use to represent characters in computer systems. In the ASCII system, different […]

  • Check if input is Integer in C++
    13 January

    Check If Input Is Integer In C++

    C++ is a powerful and popular programming language and we use it widely in coding applications. It provides us with a number of powerful means to check the input given by users. In this article, we will discuss how we can check whether the input given by users is an integer or not.  How to […]

  • Convert String to lowercase in C++
    11 January

    Convert String to lowercase in C++

    In this post, we will see how to convert String to lowercase in C++. We can assume strings to be an array of characters. Each character has a specific ASCII value, and characters with different cases, for example, a and A have different ASCII values. Ways to Convert a String to Lowercase in C++ We […]