• 05 September

    Java 8 functional interface example

    In this post , we are going to see about functional interface in java. It is closely related to java lambda expressions. Functional interfaces are those interfaces which have only one abstract method, it can have default methods, static methods and it can also override java.lang.Object class method. There are many functional interfaces already present. […]

  • 30 August

    Java 8 Lamba Expression examples using Comparator

    Java 8 has made comparator more powerful using Lambda Expression. It has introduced many new APIs for Comparator. Let’s go through some new features of the Comparator using Lambda expression.Let’s create a very simple class called Employee: [crayon-6006652526876213001765/] Sort Employee list by name in classic way: We will sort employee list in classic way [crayon-600665252687c649195754/] […]

  • 21 June

    Interface default methods in java 8

    In this post, I will introduce default methods in interface which are introduced in  Java 8. Have you ever faced a situation, when you created an interface and many classes implemented that interface. Now you need to add new methods to interface. After adding new methods, your java project will be full of compilation errors […]

  • 22 June

    Lambda Expressions in Java 8

    Java 8 has introduced a new feature called Lambda expressions. It is considered to be a major change in java. As this change will bring functional programming into Java. Other languages such as Scala already have this feature so this is not new to programming world, it is new to java Before understanding Lambda expressions, […]