Implement Stack using two Queues in java

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In this program, we will see how to implement stack using Linked List in java.
Stack is abstract data type which demonstrates Last in first out (LIFO) behavior. We will implement same behavior using two queue.
There are two most important operations of Stack:
Lets say you have two queues : queue1 , queue2

  • Push : 
    • If queue1 is empty, add elements to queue1
    • If queue1 is not empty, add all elements of queue1 to queue2 , add current element to queue1 and copy all elements of queue2 to queue1.
  • Pop : Simply remove element from queue1.

Java Program:

Lets create a java program to create stack using Linked List.
When you run above program, you will get below output:

Element removed from LinkedList: 75
Removed element : 30
Removed element : 170

That’s all about how to implement Stack using two Queues in java.

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